KC Kingdom is expanding at a rapid pace, and our goal is to be the best Kansas City area spor..."/> KC Kingdom is expanding at a rapid pace, and our goal is to be the best Kansas City area spor..."/>

Know Your Knight: Michael Tavis


Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers (24) Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

KC Kingdom is expanding at a rapid pace, and our goal is to be the best Kansas City area sports site on the internet. Aaron, Josh,  and I are pleased to announce we have added another new staff member, Michael Tavis, to our staff roster. Michael will be helping in our effort to expand our Chiefs, Sporting Kansas City and maybe some Royals, and Wildcats coverage. We are excited to have his writing for KC Kingdom.

Michael has hit the ground running and has already published his first two articles with us. Check out his wishlist for Sporting KC’s transfer targets, and he takes a fun look at some possible Chiefs roster moves.

Like all of the new writers to KC Kingdom, Tom took a few minutes to answer eight questions so we can get to know him just a little better. Here are his answers to those 8 questions:

How did you become a fan of the team you’re covering?

I have been a fan of the Chiefs my whole life. I remember staying up late when I was little to watch Chiefs prime time games and even though I didn’t know what was going on I would always cheer when my parents cheered. The Chiefs will always be my team. Sporting Kansas City is more of a unique story. I wasnt raised in a soccer family but I had a friend that was a die hard soccer fan and I never understood it. I then went to my first live soccer game and I have been hooked ever since. Now I don’t miss a game and I am also big into the off-season aspects of soccer so soccer season never ends for me much like football. I am also a K-State and Royals fan but those are much more casual.


Where did you grow up and where do you currently live?

I grew up in Tonganoxie, KS and just bought a house in Olathe, KS.


What is your college/educational background?

I currently don’t have any college background but plan on going for Criminal Justice.


What do you do for a living?

I currently work security with a company called G4S.


What is your family situation (wife, kids, etc.)?

I am engaged and also have a daughter that is 14 months old. She is already a big Chiefs fan. I also have a 3 year old Black Lab named Chief.


What do you like to do for fun (sports related or otherwise)?

I like playing sports whether it be football, baseball, soccer, or basketball I am always up for a pick up game. I am also a pretty big gamer. I play pretty much everything. Fifa and Madden are pretty big on my playlist. I am a commissioner of a fantasy football league and we take it pretty serious but have a lot of fun. If you are a fantasy football player I recommend having an offline draft party. I regularly host watch parties for different sporting events whether it be the Super Bowl, MLS cup, Playoff, or just a regular season games.


What is your favorite sports moment or memory?

My favorite memory has got to be watching Derrick Thomas play. It doesn’t matter which game. He is my all time favorite Chief.


What are your least favorite team(s) and why?

I have a very strong dislike for the Raiders, Broncos, Chargers, Red Sox, Chicago Fire, Seattle Sounders, LA Galaxy, New York Red Bulls, Kansas Jayhawks, and the Miami Heat. Miami Heat, Raiders are definitely my most disliked though. The Raiders for obvious reasons as a Chiefs fan. The rivalry is as old if not older than most of us. For the Miami Heat I don’t like how they run their team. I miss the days where players weren’t afraid to take a team and make them great instead of teaming up with your biggest competitors. The Jayhawks stem from from most of my friends. I have one friend that is also a K-State fan and the rest are Jayhawk fans and we go back in forth between football and basketball season. I also try to keep up with wildcat baseball season but that is a little more difficult.


If you would like to write for KC Kingdom, covering the Chiefs, Royals, Sporting Kansas City, the Jayhawks, Wildcats, Tigers, or Shockers, please fill out our online application. We are always looking to add passionate fans to our roster of outstanding staff writers. We are happy to give anyone a voice but we really need writers to help with our college coverage. If you love the Tigers, Wildcats, Jayhawks, or Shockers, come join us at KC Kingdom as a staff writer.

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