Eric Berry had an interception and fumble recovery, Eric Berry had an interception and fumble recovery,

NFL Pro Bowl: Kansas City Chiefs Lead Highlight Reel [GIF]


January 26, 2014; Honolulu, HI, USA; Team Sanders running back Jamaal Charles (25) of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates with receiver DeSean Jackson (10) of the Philadelphia Eagles and Jackson

Eric Berry had an interception and fumble recovery, Dontari Poe intercepted a pass, and Derrick Johnson was named the game’s defensive MVP, but it was Alex Smith‘s late touchdown to DeMarco Murray that won the Super Pro Bowl for Team Rice, 22-21. We have GIFs and Vines to prove it.


Johnson did everything he could Sunday night to rid himself of whatever taste was in his mouth from the Chiefs loss to Indianapolis in the playoffs. KC’s middle linebacker was flying all over the field, forcing a Alfred Morris fumble (you can see that below), nearly picking off a pass, and just about killing Jamaal Charles (we’ll talk about that later). He was named defensive MVP for his effort.

Derrick Johnson forced an Alfred Morris fumble in the 2014 Pro Bowl.


Charles did Charles things as per usual. He carried the ball only five times but accumulated 43 on those carries. That’s an 8.6 yards per carry. And before you say something about how they don’t play defense in the Pro Bowl, the rest of Team Sanders’ combined for 18 yards on 12 carries. Heck, Alex Smith had a 13 yard carry in this game.

However, the real story of the game for Charles was the time he was nearly decapitated by Derrick Johnson. We referenced to it last night, but here’s the GIF again. This is the cleanest anyone has hit Charles all season, so of course it would come from his own teammate.

Derrick Johnson was the only one who can stop Jamaal Charles in the 2014 Pro Bowl.

Charles survived uninjured, thankfully.


No words.

Dontari Poe intercepts a Phillip Rivers pass in the 2014 Pro Bowl.


I am going to be straight with you right now: I did not watch the Pro Bowl, so I have no idea how Smith looked in his 22 attempts other than what the stat sheet tells me. Said internet web page says he competed nine pass of 22 passes, threw an interception, and led Team Rice down the field in the final minutes to win the game. And the NFL’s highlight reel says the touchdown pass was way more about what DeMarco Murray did with a check down pass than what Alex Smith did with his arm. It is really kind of fitting that is they way he threw his touchdown pass, isn’t it?

That said, Smith was the quarterback during the drive that ended with a game-winning touchdown, so his presence should count for something.


Eric Berry stood out the most from the rest of the pack of Chiefs in the Pro Bowl. He finished the game with six tackles, a pass defended, an interception, and a fumble recovery. That’s a pretty active day for Berry.

Neither Tamba Hali or Justin Houston recorded a sack, Brandon Flowers had a couple of tackles, and Branden Albert played (I’m assuming) left tackle. Dexter McCluster averaged a very respectable 11.2 yards on five punt returns.

Now the work begins to try to figure how to have zero Chiefs in the Pro Bowl next year due to the team playing in the Super Bowl.