A Cowboys Fan Living In Kansas City: Game Prediction


Sep 8, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive end

DeMarcus Ware

(94) in the three point stance prior to the snap of the ball against the New York Giants at AT

I have not made it any secret of my dislike of the Kansas City Chiefs and my lifelong passion for the the Dallas Cowboys. I have lived in the Kansas City area for 25 years and I am pretty loyal to my region and love living here even if I am not a Chiefs fan. I know, it makes me stick out like a sore thumb during the NFL season. Believe me, do I ever know. Kansas Chiefs fans will not let me forget it, and that is okay. I respect and understand the passion for a Kansas City institution.

I only give you this brief explanation so as to not fly under false colors in this article. Like any other fan, I have my biases and I will be cheering wildly for my beloved Cowboys to absolutely dismantle the Chiefs in Arrowhead on Sunday. I also know if the Chiefs win, many of you will be ready to serve me a heaping dish of crow. Like I said Kansas City, I appreciate the passion, and in the event I do have to eat crow I prefer it with Oklahoma Joe’s Sauce. With that in mind, here is the most unbiased game prediction I am able to offer!

Arrowhead will be rocking and the Cowboys have a tendency toward penalties in general, so the fan factor absolutely will be in play. At it’s best Kansas City boasts one of the finest game day atmospheres in the NFL. Frankly, my fellow Cowboys fans could learn from Kansas City fans in terms of noise level. That said, I have also witnessed Arrowhead when it is a ghost town with fans wearing bags on their heads; that will not be the case on Sunday. As usually happens wherever Dallas goes, regardless of being good or bad, the fans flock to the stadium.

The local media is reporting the Chiefs are expecting their biggest turnout in franchise history and I do not doubt it. Kansas City will represent itself with deafening passion. Dallas fans will also likely be well represented, as their fans travel well, and Dallas fans are everywhere. It could get rowdy in the stands! Stay classy Kansas City!

Jul 28, 2013; St. Joseph, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs tackle

Eric Fisher

(72) blocks against linebacker

Derrick Johnson

(56) during training camp at Missouri Western State University. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It would be foolish to argue Jason Garrett has the advantage over Andy Reid. Results say otherwise, and Reid is a proven coach. As a Cowboys fan, I miss the likes of Jimmy Johnson and the legendary Tom Landry, but Jason Garret is still an up and comer, Experience wins this category for Kansas City.

I have watched the NFC East my entire life and have watched Reid coach at his best and worst.

He is a gambler when he thinks he has the talent and it sometimes gets him in trouble. On the surface it would seem Reid knows Dallas well but he has never coached against the revamped style the Cowboys play with new coordinators now in place. The offensive coordinators appear to be equally good, and I don’t see any real advantage for either team in terms of offensive play calling.

I give the Cowboys the advantage here. Yes, I know about the bruised ribs of Tony Romo. Yes, I know he has only one playoff win in the last six years, and has struggled to take Dallas to the promised land. Yes, I know he can be a gunslinger, and can throw the ball to the defense at the worst times trying to make plays. All of the above arguments are true.

It is also true at his best Romo can move a team as effectively as any quarterback in the NFL. The numbers do not lie and at his best he is a nightmare to stop for NFL defenses. Alex Smith is a game manager, and I felt the same of him in San Francisco. There is a reason the 49ers felt they could let him go.

Smith has surprisingly deceptive speed but will not wow anybody with his average NFL arm. While he has the capability to win a lot of NFL games, I do not consider him to be a game changing quarterback. He is not the player defenses have as their top priority to stop when playing the Chiefs. While Romo can be Jekyll and Hyde, he has the ability to put a team on his back, and I am counting on the good version of Romo in Arrowhead on Sunday!

Receivers and Tight Ends:
The clear advantage here goes to Dallas. Bowe is a very good NFL receiver, but he is no Dez Bryant or even Miles Austin. The tight end battle is not even a question. Chiefs fans will see the best tight end to play in Arrowhead since Tony Gonzalez left for it Atlanta. This Sunday, the best tight end in Arrowhead will be wearing a star on his helmet.

Even the most ardent of Dallas haters and Chiefs fans alike have to agree Jason Witten is one of the top three tight ends in all of football since he came to the league. If the Chiefs cannot contain the combination of Bryant, Witten, and Austin it could be big play after big play for the Dallas offense.

Nov 20, 2011; Landover, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver

Dez Bryant

(88) celebrates with tight end

Jason Witten

(82) after Bryant scored a touchdown against the Washington Redskins in the first quarter at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Running Back:
The advantage here goes to Kansas City assuming Jamaal Charles is healthy and able to carry a full Sunday workload. Charles is easily one of the top five running backs in the NFL and a nightmare for most NFL defenses. Dallas has a lot of team speed on defense and they will need every bit of it to contain Jamaal Charles.

I would never admit to being a fan of a Kansas City player but I like what Charles brings as a back. DeMarco Murray for Dallas, is very talented but inconsistent. He shows glimpses of speed and power but also has a tendency to disappear, and worse, fumbles from time to time. I am hoping for, but not predicting, the good DeMarco in Sundays contest.

I know the Chiefs have a much improved defense and Dallas, by ranking is thirtieth in the NFL, despite last weeks six turnovers. Dallas did line up against Eli Manning and the Giants, which is no small task, and those turnovers were not flukes or gifts. Even after last week’s performance versus the Jaguars, I am still not sold on the Chiefs defense.

Yes, the Jags are an NFL team with paid players but they are worse than last years Chiefs, and that is saying something. Kansas City fans love the defensive line but as an outsider looking in, Derrick Johnson is the engine that makes it all go. Johnson suffers from the same “Jeter” effect the Kansas City Royals’ Alcides Escobar does. Escobar is one of the best players at his position nobody knows about because of where he plays, while the decrepit overrated Derek Jeter gets the glory.

Dallas is extremely athletic with two exceptional corners in Brandon Carr and MorrisClaiborne, and either one can easily cover any offensive player from Kansas City. There is concern with Morris Claiborne and his shoulder but it does appear he will be playing Sunday. Then there is DeMarcus Ware, who can absolutely take over a game and wreak havoc on any offense in the NFL.

Last year, Ware had an injury plagued “down year” and still managed 11.5 sacks. It appears he is healthy again, and with defensive coordinator Kiffinmaking the calls, Ware has the potential to have a huge day in Kansas City.

Nov 24, 2012; Clemson, SC, USA; Clemson Tigers fan Kin


prepares a BBQ prior to the game between the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers at Clemson Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Final Prediction:
If there was ever a team that could be described by Forrest Gump as a box of chocolates, it is the Dallas Cowboys, as you truly never know what you are going to get.

At this point I am putting on my homer hat and saying the good chocolate shows up in Arrowhead. The Dallas offense will be better than the defense Kansas City fans are hanging their hats on.

It appears to me that both defenses are fairly equal in terms of overall talent, but I will also give the edge to Dallas because I do think they are much better than the Chiefs offense. While Dallas clearly plays in a stronger division, and appears to be more explosive overall, this will be a very close game.

The two teams have different philosophies and will be playing strength against strength, which bodes well for an entertaining game. However, this will not be Custer’s last stand, and the Cowboys beat the Indians in a hotly contested match.

I am predicting a final score of 27-23 Big D, and an absolute smorgasbord of great BBQ! Kansas City is hands down the home of the best BBQ on the planet; what passes for BBQ in Texas just will not cut it in Kansas City! See Chief fans, I told you my heart was in Kansas City even if my NFL heart resides in Dallas!