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Editorial Staff

John Viril, editor

Like a lot of people, I am still fixated on the sports teams I followed in my youth. I grew up in Kansas City and naturally became a fan of the Chiefs and Royals. Of course, that means I haven't seen a playoff win in 20 years. Here's to breaking the drought in 2014!

Josh Michaels, editor

I'm a KC kid born and raised. I'm currently an editor for KcKingdom and student of mass communications and journalism in Baton Rouge, LA. One day, I'd like to see one of my teams (Chiefs, Royals, Mizzou) win a championship but, I'll start with just a playoff win first.

Joel Wagler, administrator

I grew up on a farm near Hutchison, Ks, and I graduated from KU with a degree in History. I live in Lawrence with my wife and son, and I am a passionate fan of the Jayhawks, Royals, and Chiefs, through good times and bad. I love sports, history, books, music, movies, and TV. I work as Senior Director - Sports for FanSided.

Leigh Oleszczak, editor

I'm a graduate from the University of Central Missouri with a major in Broadcast Media and a minor in Public Relations. Go Mules and Jennies! Music, radio, sports, and writing are my biggest passions. ~Chiefs, Saints, Royals, Huskers, Sporting KC~

Michael Tavis, Staff Writer

I was born and raised in the KC area and have been a Chiefs, Royals, and K-State fan my whole life. I am more of a casual fan when it comes to K-State and the Royals, but I am a die hard Chiefs and Sporting Kansas City fan. I am active on Twitter especially live tweeting during games so give me a follow and join in on the fun.

Eddie Grier, Staff Writer

From Atlanta, Georgia and is currently going to school at Kansas State University. Before transferring to K-State went to Barton County Community College in Great Bend, KS to run track; graduated in 2010. Just recently graduated from Kansas State in December. Bachelors of Science with a minor in Mass Communications.

Jacob Meysenburg, Staff Writer

Here is a picture of me at a Royals game. My dad is on the right. I'm studying Math and English at Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa. Interestingly, Morningside was where Paul Splittorff went to school.

Ryan DeSpain, Staff Writer

Lucky to be living in such a great sports town. I'm just a Missouri kid who was raised to become a Mizzou guy. At some point, the Tigers will win a national championship in football or basketball, right? Right?!

Ric Ruiz, Staff Writer

I love working out, playing and watching all types of sports. I am a new Dad and I currently work in finance for a large European company.

Brian Barnett, Staff Writer

Born and raised in Kansas City I love the Royals, Chiefs, Sporting KC, and the Missouri Tigers. If any one of these teams is playing I'm probably watching. Being born in 1981 I had no memory of any team winning a championship until Sporting last year finally let me know that my rooting for a team does not doom them.

Paul York, Staff Writer

I'm a KCK native, and have grown up bleeding Royal blue. I was fortunate enough to see the 1985 World Series, and idolize George Brett as a kid. Stuck w/ baseball through high school and college. Played four years at Ottawa University, and at one time held the career strikeout record...except I wasn't a pitcher. #hallofshame ? Not a stat geek, but believe advanced stats can be useful. For the most part, though, they don't tell me anything that I can't determine by watching a player, or by those boring old stats on the back of baseball cards (Do they still put stats on the back of baseball cards?) Thanks for reading.

Zach Blochlinger, Staff Writer

Chad Brewster, Staff Writer

Chad is from Parkville, MO. He is a freshman student at the University of Missouri studying Sports Journalism. In between classes and sports writing, he likes to play Madden 25 and work out. So basically, you could say his life revolves around sports.

Tom Fontana, Staff Writer

Born and raised in Kansas City and graduate of Kansas State. I have missed only three home K-State football games since 1993. I made sure to schedule my wedding for a weekend in which K-State had a bye. Also a huge Royals fan, which is obviously difficult. Married to a KU fan, which is challenging, but it makes life interesting.

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Patrick AllenVP, Content & Strategy

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