4 Kansas City Chiefs who can step up in 2022

Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Joshua Kaindoh (59) after the game against the San Francisco 49ers at Levi's Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Joshua Kaindoh (59) after the game against the San Francisco 49ers at Levi's Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

Which KC Chiefs can add to their contributions in 2022?

The Kansas City Chiefs will be spending the offseason rebuilding and restocking depth on the roster. Players will be re-signed and some will come from free agency or the draft. There are always the big names out there everyone is asking for but who do the Chiefs already have sitting on the roster who can step in and make contributions to the 2022-23 season?

Duarice Fountain (WR)

Duarice Fountain is a fourth-year wide receiver out of the University of Northern Iowa. He was selected in the fifth round of the 2018 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts. Fountain was another guy out of the FCS that was overshadowed by players in division one football. Early into his NFL career, Fountain went down with a serious ankle injury which sidelined him for the year. Moving into the next season he never found himself higher than the practice squad for the Colts.

Prior to the 2021-22 season Fountain found himself a free agent and was signed by the Kansas City Chiefs. Seeing most of his action during the preseason, he was a name to watch over the course of the off season. Fountain has spent most of his time on the Chiefs practice squad but could be looking at a bigger role and find himself elevated to the fifty three man roster and finally given a chance to shine.

Malik Herring (DL)

Malik Herring will be in his second year with the Kansas City Chiefs after spending the first season rehabbing and bouncing back from an ACL injury he suffered during the 2021 Senior Bowl. Herring was an undrafted free agent signing by the Chiefs post 2021 NFL Draft. Spending four years playing college ball for the University of Georgia, Herring will be looking to make a name for himself along a Chiefs defensive front in need of some bullies. At 6-foot-3 280 pounds, he has the size and ability to play alongside Chris Jones and Frank Clark to help make a difference.

Joshua Kaindoh (DE/Edge)

Joshua Kaindoh was drafted in the fourth round by the Chiefs in the 2021 NFL Draft. Kaindoh spent his college career at Florida State University where he recorded sixteen and a half tackles for loss and eight sacks. Kaindoh spent most of his time on the sideline and a few weeks on the IR during the 2021-22 season.  At 6-foot-6 260 pounds, he is a long and athletic pass rusher off the edge. Being deemed a bit of a developmental project, Kaindoh has a very high ceiling to become an above average pass rusher for the Chiefs.

Brenden Knox (RB)

Brenden Knox is a 6-foot-0 220-pound wrecking ball out of Marshall University where he had over 3000 scrimmage yards and 25 touchdowns in three seasons. Knox was an undrafted rookie in 2021 that signed on to play for the Dallas Cowboys and was eventually released later to be signed to a reserve contract with the Chiefs. Knox could be the next running back in line on the Chiefs roster to be a “gem.”

Brenden Knox is not someone who will blow you away in the open field but he will punish you for getting in front of him. He has a devastating stiff arm and solid frame which makes for a difficult person to tackle.