How Would the KC Chiefs Look if They Were a Thanksgiving Meal?

Union Station and the Kansas City skyline are lit in Kansas City Chiefs colors in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Union Station and the Kansas City skyline are lit in Kansas City Chiefs colors in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

The holidays have snuck up on many people this year, similar to the Kansas City Chiefs. Chiefs fans witnessed their team at the bottom of the AFC West. A team that went to three AFC Championships, two Super Bowls, and winning one Lombardy Trophy was on the outside looking in this season. KC has rewritten the script and now sits atop the AFC West. With the holiday season here I decided to have some fun.  I am going to talk about how the Kansas City Chiefs make up a great Thanksgiving plate.

The Chiefs Front Office and Coaching Staff Represent the Turkey

The Chiefs front office and coaching staff are the main course of the Chiefs’ organization. Similar to how turkey is typically the main food item on a Thanksgiving plate. The discussion is about how you cook a turkey. Traditionally people bake them in the oven. Over the years, we have seen an evolution of cooking turkey like deep frying and smoking. We even see turkey alternatives. The Chiefs’ front office and coaching staff are similar because they make and mold the team. The final product fans see is from player evaluations, coaching the players, and adding and subtracting due to an array of circumstances.

When the team struggles, fans look to the front office and the coaching staff, rightfully so. Just like turkey, it could be too dry, undercooked, or even burnt. When this happens it can throw off the rest of the plate, and we look to the cook.

The Chiefs Offense Represents the Sides

When everyone sits down to eat their Thanksgiving meal, no one plate is the same. The arrangement is different. Some of the sides on the plate are different. Not every family serves the same side dishes. That is what makes a Thanksgiving plate unique. Figuratively these are the Kansas City Chiefs players. The team is constructed with an offense, a defense, and special teams. Some players are only on the practice squad. Just like the sides, this team is put together to be the best it possibly can be.

Some side dishes are a staple to the Thanksgiving meal. That would be Patrick Mahomes and the offense. For the past several years, the offense has been the headline. For me, that is like mashed potatoes. They often swarm your plate. Depending on if you add gravy it can get sloppy at times. The gravy can spill into other side dishes similar to the offense in which some are expected to play special teams. You may also love mashed potatoes and pile them up high like the offense has been known to do with points. Side dishes are one of the most detailed and most important parts of a plate just like the Kansas City Chiefs offense.

The Chiefs Defense Represents the Dessert

After finishing your meal and you feel full, in rushes the dessert. Everyone has a favorite dessert, and just like side dishes, not everyone serves the same. The dessert is there to cap off a fantastic Thanksgiving meal. Some blanket their pies with whip topping. Others enjoy simple desserts, and not all desserts are treated the same. Some can melt others can burn if not maintained.

The dessert represents the Chiefs’ defense. The Kansas City Chiefs defense struggled in the first half of the season. Like dessert, they were getting burnt and melted. They have added a few players and since have been playing at an elite level. Similar to how some desserts require toppings. The pass rush is back, and the defense is getting to opposing quarterbacks. The secondary has vastly improved, and players have accepted their roles. All of which are common to dessert. Most people can not say no, and each has a role in satisfying your sweet tooth.

Happy Thanksgiving Chiefs Kingdom

In the end, the Kansas City Chiefs are very similar to your Thanksgiving meal. I hope you all enjoyed this article, and I want to take the time and thank everyone who supports the KC Kingdom website. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.