The KC Chiefs are putting a little “Boomer Sooner” into their offensive line

Center Creed Humphrey #56 of the Oklahoma Sooners (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images)
Center Creed Humphrey #56 of the Oklahoma Sooners (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images) /
Center Creed Humphrey #56 of the Oklahoma Sooners (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images)
Center Creed Humphrey #56 of the Oklahoma Sooners (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images) /

Please note that the author of the following article Cameron Black is legally blind and works extremely hard to share his unique perspective of all things Chiefs.

It has been well documented in my past articles, that I am an unapologetic homer for my Oklahoma Sooners, and I beat the drum hard when it comes to getting my Sooners turned into Chiefs. So, I like to see players from my college team I am passionate about, play for the NFL franchise team I am passionate about, is that so wrong?

Anyway, since I have always worn my heart on my sleeve as far as my Sooners are concerned, it will come as no surprise to my faithful readers that I could not be more thrilled with the current state of the offensive line of the K.C. Chiefs, for it features the talents of not one, but two former Oklahoma Sooners.

Given that I have been following their handy work since their college days, allow me to introduce you to them and tell you what they bring to the Kansas City Chiefs offensive front:

Orlando Brown Jr.

This man needs very little, if any introduction to Chiefs fans, for they have witnessed him staring down Chiefs defenders from the opposite side of the line for years leading up to the recent acquisition of Brown. The Chiefs have faced the Ravens several times in recent years which makes it all the more surprising that the Ravens would deal him to the Chiefs whom they see as an obstacle, but we shall not look a gift horse in the mouth (whatever that means).

For whatever the Ravens motives might have been, what matters is that for a bevy of draft picks, Orlando Brown will now be playing left tackle for, and covering the blind side of #15 Patrick Mahomes.

My faithful readers might recall that I wrote a piece a couple months back, advocating for this very trade, and it seems that someone in the Chiefs front office reads my work or I’d at least like to think so.

Anyway, Brown redshirted in 2014 and started for the Sooners at left Tackle in 2015 all the way till 2018. Following the 2018 college football season he announced via social media that he would forgo a fifth year of eligibility and declared for the NFL draft where he was selected by the Ravens in the 3rd round with the 83rd overall pick, and was considered by analysts to be one of the biggest steals in the draft.

Brown had a great start to his career with the Ravens, earning two trips to the Pro-Bowl in three years, but I always hated seeing him in that jersey and going up against my Chiefs having followed Brown through his collegiate career. That being said, I think I let out a “whoop” this past April when I got the notification that the Chiefs had sold the farm and the family bible to bring him to Kansas City.

Brown, a second round draft pick, and a sixth round pick in 2022 were sent to the Chiefs, in exchange for the Chiefs’ 2021 first round pick, a third round pick, a fourth round pick, and a 2022 fifth round pick, and in my humble Sooner heart, I felt it was worth every penny.

I Realize that is quite a bit to cough up for one player, but what was the plan for that first rounder anyway? The answer would be that the Chiefs most immediate need was to go out and draft a left tackle to protect #15, but with that goal in mind, the question became, who do you get? Indeed by that time all the top-tier offensive linemen would have already been selected, and in Brown you get a proven commodity who has already gotten his feet wet in the league and has three years of starter experience under his belt.

I thought this was an extremely smart acquisition by the Chiefs, going out and getting the player they wanted and needed, instead of taking their chances in the draft. As it turns out, Brown would already have some influence in the Chiefs selection of the offensive lineman they would end up taking in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft in his former Oklahoma teammate Creed Humphrey.

“Orlando told us to go get Creed” said head Coach Andy Reid when discussing what went into the Chiefs decision to draft Humphrey 63rd overall.

Humphrey redshirted in 2017, which would turn out to be Brown’s last year as a Sooner, so they never saw the field at the same time, but Humphrey must have left an impact on Brown and vice-versa, for he strongly advocated for the Chiefs to draft Creed in the second round.

Creed Humphrey

During his three-year career with the Sooners, Humphrey appeared in 39 games with 37 starts, totaling 2,488 snaps in that time. He built up a share of accolades while playing with the Sooners as well, as he was recognized with All-American honors in 2019 (second team) and 2020 (3rd team).

Humphrey was also BIG 12 offensive lineman of the year in those two seasons, sharing the honor in 2019 and winning it outright in 2020.

Humphrey more than earned said titles on the field at Oklahoma as he did not allow one single sack in his entire collegiate career, playing 2,488 snaps and only allowing 2 QB hits.

It’s no wonder why Brown strongly advocated for Brett Veach and staff to go after Creed Humphrey with their second top-100 pick.

It is no secret that the Chiefs O-line was greatly suffering and badly in need of some new blood at the end of the 2020 campaign as the season ended with a heartbreaking loss in Super Bowl 55. A game in which quarterback Patrick Mahomes ran nearly five football fields worth in scrambling yards. The offensive line had everything to do with their quarterback getting hit over and over again.

The Chiefs front office seemed to agree with that assessment, as is shown in their acquisition of one of the league’s best young offensive lineman in Orlando Brown, and drafting one of college football’s best centers in Creed Humphrey.

I strongly believe the Chiefs will have zero regrets about putting a little Boomer Sooner in the offensive line, for I can’t think of a better combination of players to protect our MVP, #15 Patrick Mahomes.