KC Chiefs roster depth chart: Who will be backing up Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs - (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)
Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs - (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) /

What does the KC Chiefs roster depth chart for the quarterback position after Patrick Mahomes look like?

Hopefully, it won’t matter for the next 12 years who is behind Patrick Mahomes on the KC Chiefs roster depth chart, but this is the NFL, and stuff happens.

It only takes one freak thing, like Mahomes dislocating his knee cap on something as innocuous as a quarterback sneak to suddenly thrust the backup quarterback into the limelight.

It is naive to think Mahomes will escape each season over the next 12 years unscathed, as last season proved. The backup can’t be (won’t be) Patrick Mahomes 2.0, but he can be someone Andy Reid can plug into the basic offense, and he feel comfortable about his skill set and knowledge.

The breakdown of KC Chiefs roster depth chart for quarterbacks

Last year when Mahomes went down, Matt Moore stepped in admirably, finishing off the win in Denver. Moore and the Chiefs lost a close one to the Packers then beat an excellent Vikings team before Mahomes’ return. In the six games he appeared in, Moore completed 65 percent of his 91 passes, threw four touchdowns without an interception. No one could ask for more (pun intended!).

Moore, after signing a one-year deal, is again listed on the Chiefs’ depth chart behind Mahomes, according to Chiefs.com. Chad Henne, after an injury-riddled 2019, also returns and is listed third on the depth chart.

While both Moore and Henne are veterans, steady, and very known qualities, neither is a glamorous option. The intriguing X-factor in all of this is Jordan Ta’amu, a rookie out of Ole Miss, who cut his teeth briefly in the XFL.

The Chiefs threw a dart and signed Ta’amu this spring, and it presents an exciting option down the road. In a typical season, everyone would be eager to catch a glimpse of him during August preseason games, but that isn’t going to happen this year.

Barring an injury, it is doubtful Ta’amu can make the roster, even as the third-stringer, but if the Chiefs like what they see from him in camp, and can stash him on the practice squad, he might just be a quality backup in future seasons.

Moore has been hovering around retirement now for a couple of offseasons and is only under contract for 2020, and Henne is signed through 2021, due only 375,000 next year. This leaves a door open for Ta’amu making the roster as early as next season.

Here is what the Kansas City Chiefs roster breakdown looks like heading into the 2020 season:

  • Patrick Mahomes
  • Matt Moore
  • Chad Henne
  • Jordan Ta’amu

It is everyone’s sincere hope that the backup quarterbacks for the Kansas City Chiefs never see the field over the next 12 years. It’s a pipe dream, but the team has a franchise quarterback now in Patrick Mahomes, and Reid will do everything he can to protect him.