Kansas City Royals: Top Second Basemen In Franchise History

Whit Merrifield #15 of the Kansas City Royals - (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Whit Merrifield #15 of the Kansas City Royals - (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /
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Kansas City Royals, Chris Getz
Chris Getz #17 of the Kansas City Royals – (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) /

7. Four Seasons – 2010-2013. 2B. KC. Chris Getz. 8. player

Best second baseman in Kansas City Royals history: 8. Chris Getz

Pretty sad, huh? Well, somehow Chris Getz found enough playing to become one of nine players with more than 1,000 plate appearances to play second base for the Kansas City Royals.

Getz was known for his grittiness more than his skill set. He played hard, had some good speed, but had no power whatsoever, and struggled with injuries.

He was an easy choice for the worst qualifying second basemen in club history. When compared to the other candidates, the choice for number eight was clear.

Getz was a likable player who always seemed to give it his all, but he just wasn’t a productive player. He played way more games for the Kansas City Royals than his numbers should have allowed.

He actually started and batted lead-off in 71 games, getting in 319 PA in. His slash in the lead-off spot was .202/.274/.255/.529. Can there be a worst slash than that in the history of the game leading off?

One more interesting piece of Chris Getz trivia. He actually made 14 pinch-hit appearances. He had one hit and two walks in those opportunities.