K-State Football: Five Potential Replacements for Bill Snyder

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K-State Football Coach Replacement: Option 2 – Jim Leavitt

Sports Reference has Leavitt at 75-44 with a record of 3-2 in bowl games

Currently coaching as defensive coordinator for the mighty Oregon Ducks, Jim Leavitt has built himself quite the reputation after his stint at South Florida. Allegations that later came back as true had Leavitt striking one of his players and lying about it, according to ESPN.

This is a pretty big deal and not okay. Since this incident however, Leavitt has had quite the journey, ranging from the NFL with the 49ers, to defensive coordinator with the University of Colorado and Oregon Ducks.

His recent defenses have been so successful that Leavitt has gotten himself on quite a few short lists for head coaching jobs across the nation. This includes our very own Kansas State Wildcats. Not only does Jim Leavitt have six years coaching under Bill Snyder, but there appears to be a contract loophole in his new contract at Oregon, according to The Wichita Eagle

If Leavitt is offered an interview and impresses the university, then hopefully the coach has learned from his mistake.

The contract apparently states if Leavitt leaves for a head coaching job at KSU, neither him nor the university is required to buyout his contract.

Everyone makes mistakes, which I think we all can agree on. If Leavitt is offered an interview and impresses the university, then hopefully the coach has learned from his mistake. I would support the hire because Leavitt is a great defensive mind that would be in a lackluster defensive conference.

This could give the Wildcats the edge they need and get past the Sooners and Cowboys. I think this is the likely scenario we see play out after Snyder, A lot would have to fall into place, but it would seem this could be the case after the 2017 season.