Kansas City Chiefs: Predicting result of every game in 2017

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The Kansas City Chiefs are underway with training camp, which means that football is right around the corner! The Chiefs will begin their 2017 campaign on September 7th against the Patriots.

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off a 12-4 season that resulted in them winning the AFC West for the first time since 2010. The Chiefs then would go on to lose in the AFC Divisional Round against the Pittsburgh Steelers despite the opposition not finding the end zone once.

It was a rough way to end the season, but the regular season was actually a lot of fun. The Chiefs won 12 games and had one of their best seasons ever. They swept the toughest division in all of football and had a lot of fun crazy comeback wins. It was a regular season for the ages.

Every year, I go through each game of the upcoming season and predict whether I think the Chiefs will win or lose. I also predict what the score will be and make some other random notes about what the game could entail. This year I’ve also decided to add a “Chiefs standout player” section where I take a guess at which member of the KC Chiefs will have the biggest impact in the game.

This year, the Chiefs have the second toughest schedule in the entire league, trailing only the Broncos. Having to play the AFC West teams six times this season is likely what really crushed the Chiefs on this whole toughest schedule thing, but they’ll also have to face the likes of the Cowboys, Giants, and Patriots, all of those being on the road.

I enjoy doing these predictions, but there are some things I can’t foresee coming, like injuries, suspensions, or anything else that could hurt a team’s chances of winning the game. I’m doing these assuming that the Chiefs roster will look the same week in and week out without major changes.

What will my final season record for the KC Chiefs be in 2017? Read on to find out.