Royals Rumors: Nationals Interested In Kelvin Herrera

Kansas City Royals closer Kelvin Herrera. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Royals closer Kelvin Herrera. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports /

With the Kansas City Royals seemingly falling apart, the vultures are beginning to circle. Ken Rosenthal is reporting the Nationals want Kelvin Herrera.

Given how bad the Kansas City Royals have looked to start this year, it is no surprise that we are already hearing trade rumors involving their best players. The latest Royals rumors? Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Nationals are interested in acquiring closer Kelvin Herrera.

So far this year, you can’t blame Kelvin Herrera for the problems in Kansas City. Heck, he’s only pitched eight innings this season. In those eight innings of work, Herrera has looked strong. He’s surrendered only two runs this year. Teams looking to make a postseason run know how important a good closer like that is.

The good news with something like this is that Kelvin Herrera would command a big return in a trade. He’s young at 27 years old, a near-dominant closer, has very little wear and tear on his arm this year, and is controllable through two years with arbitration. All of those things add up to the Royals being able to ask for a lot in return.

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So what do the Nationals have to offer up? According to Ken Rosenthal, quite a bit actually…

"…the Nationals certainly have the position prospects to get the reliever they want, including outfielders Rafael Bautista, Juan Soto, and Andrew Stevenson. The Nats are also deep in catchers and shortstops."

Those are certainly some tempting options for the Kansas City Royals.

Ken Rosenthal goes on to say that the Royals could also end up dealing either Mike Moustakas or Lorenzo Cain to the Mets. However, he isn’t going so far as to say there is actual interest in those moves yet, just that they may be on the horizon.

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This is what happens when your team isn’t performing well, and that is certainly the case for the Kansas City Royals. We can likely expect to hear many more Royals rumors pop up over the next couple of weeks. If KC doesn’t turn things around soon…well, we all know what that looks like.