Fantasy Football: Top 15 Running Backs To Target In 2016

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#11 Fantasy Football running back Eddie Lacy
#11 Fantasy Football running back Eddie Lacy. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

Fantasy Football Running Backs: #11 Eddie Lacy – Green Bay Packers

Fantasy Football owners felt their ears perk up whenever the Packers started reporting that Eddie Lacy showed up for camp much slimmer than in 2015.  That was further reinforced by reports that he was looking much more explosive as well.  If those things hold true, Eddie Lacy could be a feature back that takes a fantasy team to the championship.

Rebound Season:  There’s no other way to describe Eddie Lacy’s 2015 season than “disappointing”.  In a season where the Packers really needed him to step up, Lacy looked sluggish and out of shape.  Clearly he has gotten the message on that as he put in the offseason work to slim down and get faster.  That should result in more big plays and points.

Regression?:  There should be considerable concern for fantasy owners that last season was a sign of things to come, rather than just a big letdown year.  It could be that Lacy has hit his peak and the league is onto him.  This wouldn’t be the first time that a running back fell off after a strong start.

Draft Value – 3rd Round:  There is some gamble to taking Eddie Lacy early, but he is worth grabbing in the first three rounds.  You might want to be sure to grab another back before him though because you don’t want to bet the farm on him just yet.

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