KC Chiefs: Five Most Underrated Chiefs For 2015

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Kansas City Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman (42) – Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The KC Chiefs roster was recently ranked 19th in the NFL by Pro Football Focus, according to ESPN’s Adam Teicher. That’s surprising for a team that a year ago finished 9-7, allowed the second fewest points scored in the NFL and seemingly got better this off season. Anyway, here’s five underrated Kansas City Chiefs players for 2015 who should help prove that PFF’s ranking is egregiously low:

A good fullback is always underrated, under-appreciated, and more or less nameless. He almost always likes it that way, too. It’s a selfless job.

The Shermanator is no exception.

Anthony Sherman was a 2-star high school recruit, received just two D-1 scholarship offers and was a fifth round pick by the Arizona Cardinals back in 2011. The luxurious path to life as an NFL fullback. (Source of link: Rivals.com) Sherman was later traded to the Chiefs for cornerback Javier Arenas. Excellent work, John Dorsey.

Sherman, again in 2015, will be Jamaal Charles‘ muscle. He’ll carry out the hits, make sure the job is swift and professional and, like any good enforcer, he’ll ensure that Jamaal’s hands remain clean. To put that in football terms, he’ll block. He’ll block, then play on Special Teams, then block more.

Then he’ll catch one five-yard shovel pass, score his touchdown and feel plenty compensated for truck-sticking linebackers and chasing punt returners all season… And he won’t say a word about it because fullbacks don’t say much.

Basically the Anti-Richard Sherman.

When you think of Sherman just picture this:

(Source of link: SB Nation)

That’s what I do. He’s the guy with no helmet and apparently nothing to lose. No Helmet & Nothing To Lose: The Anthony Sherman Story. We’ll call it a working title.

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