KC Chiefs 2015 NFL Draft Wish List: Inside Linebackers

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Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The KC Chiefs have been trying to find an inside linebacker to pair next to Derrick Johnson for years and their inability to do so really hurt them in 2014 when Johnson was knocked out for the season with an injury.

Johnson will be back in 2015 but it is unknown whether he can return to the player that he was before the injury, and he is not getting any younger so not only do the KC Chiefs need to get a player that can play next to Johnson, but they need a player that can eventually be his replacement.

I was not a big fan of any of the late round inside linebackers and believe that the best time to get a quality inside linebacker is anywhere from the beginning of the second to the end of the fourth round.

If the KC Chiefs can manage to draft one of the players on my wish list I would be very comfortable with the inside linebacker position in 2015. Ben Heeney is the only player that I don’t believe could develop into a regular starter though he could be solid depth for a long time as well as a quality special teams player.

With ten picks in the draft it would surprise me if the Chiefs don’t draft an inside linebacker. The first round of the draft begins on Thursday, April 30th, but watch Friday evening for rounds two and three for a real threat of the KC Chiefs to take an inside linebacker.

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