Fantasy Football: Sleepers to Claim for Week One—Allen Hurns

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Week 1 is in the books, and already some unknowns have announced their presence. Here are my week 1 fantasy football waiver wire sleepers.

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Be warned, however, that each of these guys might look better—or worse—depending on your league rules. Also, nothing replaces actually watching a guy play. Sometimes talent will jump out at you while watching games that you can’t see in the numbers. Of course, very few fantasy players can afford the time to watch every game with a prospect, even if you have All-22 access from NFL.com.

If you want know the process I used to produce this list, read my piece on Winning your League from the Waiver Wire,

Allen Hurns, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars

Any fantasy player worth his salt—and isn’t passed out drunk while watching game updates—should be all over this guy.

The Jacksonville rookie only put up 4 catches for 110 yards and 2 touchdowns in his NFL debut vs. the Eagles. Not only that, Hurns caught 2 touchdown passes in his first two NFL receptions to become only the 2nd player to accomplish the feat.

Oh yeah, and his TD passes came on a 34-yard catch and a 21-yard pass to the middle of the field in which Hurns had to make a couple of defenders miss to score.

The unheralded Hurns doesn’t even have an ownership percentage listed on his ESPN profile after going undrafted. Jacksonville even picked 2 WR’s in the 2nd round that Hurns out-performed during the pre-season in Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson. Sunday’s performance seems to validate his pre-season play.

Pretty much the only shot you have at this guy is if you are in a league that subjects all unclaimed players to waiver priority rules. In a “free-for-all” league for unclaimed players, he’s already on someone’s roster. If you are fortunate enough to hold that high priority, use it on Hurns and don’t look back.

Hurns’ performance highlights the need for players in a “free-for-all” league  to watch games with their laptop already logged into their fantasy football league’s site. You probably missed this guy unless you were putting in your claim during the 1st quarter.