KC Chiefs: Quarterback Summary for Second Preseason Game


The KC Chiefs took on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday night in their second preseason game. Last week it was hard to say much about the quarterbacks, as it was their first game back from a long offseason. This game doesn’t really mean much either, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look at how our guys under center performed now, does it?

Alex Smith – 14/22 for 127 yards

Smith looked much better this week. He started the game with an impressive drive down the field, which led to a field goal. There was one play in particular that stood out to me where the Carolina defenders were coming for Smith on third down and he got a beautiful pass out to Dwayne Bowe. Bowe caught it and captured a first down for the team. Smith had a few nice passes to Bowe actually, which was great.

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It was a nice sight to see Smith doing so well against one of the toughest defenses in the NFL. Sure it’s just preseason, but Smith impressed me on Sunday with his overall play. He may not have thrown any touchdowns, but he didn’t turn the ball over and looked comfortable leading the offense.

Chase Daniel – 3/4 for 35 yards

Chase managed to lead the team down the field on his one series he played in. He looked pretty solid, aside from a low pass to Cyrus Gray that more than likely could have gone in for the score had it been thrown just a tad higher. Chase’s one series led to a field goal.

Aaron Murray – 5/9 for 81 yards, TD, INT

Ahhhh… Just who we’ve been waiting to watch, the golden boy himself Aaron Murray. Chiefs fans have been stoked since we drafted this kid out of Georgia in the fifth round and they finally got to see him play in Carolina.

Murray’s first pass in the pros couldn’t have been any better. His first pass went for a touchdown thanks to stud tight end Travis Kelce. It was a great throw and once again got fans excited for Kelce and what he’ll bring to this KC Chiefs offense.

Murray did throw a pick, but it was his first playing time in the pros and that’s expected from a rookie making his first appearance.


Tyler Bray was the only quarterback not to play this week, but he and Murray will both see a significant amount of playing time throughout these next two games. It’s unsure if the Chiefs will keep all four guys on their roster or trim it down to three, but you’d have to think Murray would be a shoe in to keep since he’s a rookie and appears to be quite the fan favorite here in KC.

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