Fantasy Football Receivers: Top 10 You Should Target In 2014

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Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson (81) Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

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And finally, we reach my #1 receiver, who is none other than Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson. Johnson has been Top 3 receiver each of the last three seasons, and there’s no reason that doesn’t continue.

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Johnson is the rare blend of every desirable quality you want in a receiver. Johnson has the size of a tight end, the speed of a running back, and the hands of an elite receiver.

He has the determination and will to make any play he wants, and he has a quarterback in Matthew Stafford who isn’t afraid to throw it in his direction, no matter the situation.

After Johnson, other passing options are scarce. Detroit signed receiver Golden Tate and drafted tight end Eric Ebron to add some depth, but every defense knows who is getting the ball.

While Johnson wasn’t the #1 fantasy receiver last year, I think he would have been if he played every game. As long as Johnson remains healthy, nobody will challenge him as the best receiver in the game.

And as far as fantasy goes, Johnson is the only receiver worth taking in the 1st round of your draft, and you won’t regret it.