Around the Kingdom: Jamaal Charles, Justin Houston, Michael Sam, Ned Yost


Jamaal Charles raised some eyebrows when KCTV5 reported that the running back would not report to training camp on Thursday because he is seeking a new contract.

While every fan pretty much hates it when a player holds out, Charles is vastly underpaid. He is only the 11th highest paid running back in the league. Clearly, a number of inferior players are drawing more pay than Charles. Let’s hope this situation can get resolved quickly.

The Kansas City Royals broke their 4-game losing streak by breaking out for 7 runs against the Chicago White Sox, including 2 home runs from maligned 3rd baseman Mike Moustakas.

Former NFL coach Tony Dungy commented that he would not have taken openly gay player, and former MU Tiger, Michael Sam due to the potential media distraction his signing would bring.

Meanwhile, defending MLS Champions Sporting KC will host defending Premier League champions Manchester City in a friendly between the two teams.


  • KCTV5.com – Jamaal Charles will not report to training camp Thursday because he is seeking a new contract:

"He wants more money and is prepared to hold out as long as it takes, a source tells KCTV5. Charles is nearing the end of a six-year, nearly $28 million contract."

  • Arrowhead Pride – Joel Thorman looks at the Chiefs ability to accommodate a new contract for Jamaal Charles:

"The Chiefs have enough cap space to do a new deal with Jamaal. They can structure in any number of ways, possibly even lowering his 2014 cap number (NFL contracts are funny like that). There are a lot of options and $9 million is enough space to make it happen. Obviously, that just means that’s money they won’t be able to use later if something pops up in the middle of the season."

"Charles holding out sounds scary but the reality is the Chiefs are in a position of strength in negotiations. Rules stipulate Charles must play each of the next two seasons (unless he gets injured) in order to accrue enough time to be eligible for free agency after 2015. By the time Charles would be eligible for free agency he would be 29 years old, and the history of running back production after the age of 28 is not one full of success."


  • CBSSports.com – Former Tampa and Indianapolis coach Tony Dungy says he would not have taken Michael Sam due to “distractions”:

"“I wouldn’t have taken him,” Dungy told the Tampa Bay Tribune. “Not because I don’t believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn’t want to deal with all of it.“It’s not going to be totally smooth … things will happen."


  • Rany on the Royals – State of the Offense:

"But if the Royals are going to replicate their whiz-bang second half from last season, they’re going to need more than a reliever. They need offense, and it’s no easier to figure out where they’re going to get that offense today than it was in May."

"Having gone on such a losing streak, and having lost seven of their last eight games while scoring a mere 17 runs in that time frame, changes appear to be necessary. However, according to Dayton Moore, there is one change that will not happen. Ned Yost, who has frequently been the subject of ire amongst Royals fans, is still safe, according to Moore."


  • SportingKC.com – Sporting KC will host Premier League Champions Manchester City for a friendly in KC:

"This is an important game because we are playing the champions [of MLS]. But I think we are in a different moment of the season. Kansas City is already doing well in MLS. They have won a lot of games. We are just starting the season, but I’m sure that the people who come here to the stadium tomorrow will see a very good match. I think both teams will try to win. It’s not an official match, but both teams would like to win the game."

There you have it KC fans—the news Around the Kingdom.