Kansas City Chiefs: Five Most Disliked Players

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Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There you have it. Five Kansas City Chiefs player that are extremely disliked by fans years later. Again, keep in mind that I’m a youngster with Chiefs history so there are probably a lot of guys not on here that you feel should be.

Honorable mentions are Steve Bono, Matt Cassel, Bam Morris, and Ryan Sims.

Bono insulted not just our food, but our barbecue of all things. He insulted the thing Kansas City citizens take the most pride in. What an idiot.

Cassel because well… Let’s face it. He was pretty much run out of town. Fans hired a blimp to fly overhead asking for him to be released.

Morris was a criminal, plain and simple.

Sims just never lived up to expectations and had a terrible attitude.

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