NFL Or College Football: Which Is Preferred

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Missouri Tigers quarterback Maty Mauk (7) Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

There are actually quite a few differences and it’s what makes the decision about which is better more difficult to answer.

For starters, college ball is typically always high scoring. There’s never very good defense and it makes for pretty predictable games. You know when a team’s offense gets on the field that they’re more than likely going to wind up putting points on the board.

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  • Yes, there are bad teams who can’t score, but that makes it even worse to watch when one team is blasting another with 80 plus points on the scoreboard.

    Another part of college football that I’m not fond of is how overtime works. Granted, I’m not a big fan of overtime in the pros, but overtime in college ball is odd to say the least.

    Each team has the ball at the opponent’s 25 yard line and they each get a turn at trying to punch the ball in. If one team succeeds and the other doesn’t, the succeeding team wins. If not, this continues until one leads the other. Sometimes games have gone into three or four overtimes, which is a tad bit ridiculous.

    Overtime in NCAA becomes like a shootout and there is absolutely no defense involved whatsoever. At least in the NFL teams have to go down the field, not just 25 yards.

    I do like that college football overtime prevents any ties from occurring though. NFL games can surprisingly lead to ties (hear that Donovan McNabb?) and I think that’s silly. There shouldn’t be ties in football.

    A few things that I like in the NCAA though is how the time stops after the offense converts a first down. Also how players only have to have one foot in bounds rather than two. These are just subtle things, but sometimes they can be the game changer.

    Oh and there’s not a two minute warning in college football. I actually kind of like the two minute warning though because it prevents a team from having to use a time out.