What If The Kansas City Chiefs Were In Super Bowl 48


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In this article, I hope to give you die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fans a glimmer of excitement for the upcoming season.

As everyone who lives on Planet Earth knows, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks are playing each other in Super Bowl XLVIII this Sunday night. Here is how the Chiefs would match up against both teams if they had made it to the big game – Obviously the Chiefs would not be playing the Broncos in the SB, so we will have to use our imaginations on this one.

The Chiefs played the Broncos twice during the season, and lost both (Week 11 & Week 13) games. Both matches ended in close fashion, with the Broncos winning 27-17, and 35-28. IF Kansas City were somehow to face Denver in the Super Bowl (Which would be the best Super Bowl EVER), it would be a totally different ball game.

In the last couple of games of Denver’s season, they have lost some key defensive starters, including OLB/DE Von Miller (ACL), LE Derek Wolfe (Seizures), and CB Chris Harris (ACL). In total, the Broncos have lost 5 of their original 11 defensive starters. With Miller and Wolfe out, Jamaal Charles would have went crazy on that defense.

Not only are they missing key defensive players, but the Chiefs would have some back and healthy – Justin Houston and Tamba Hali, neither of which played in the second game vs. Denver. Those two, at full strength, are definitely game changers.

Of course, if the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl, then Broncos would be. In this little fantasy land, tt would, by far, be the best game in Kansas City-Denver history! For obvious reasons, the teams would never play each other in the Super Bowl, but it is fun to dream.

In the 2013 season, the Chiefs did not play the Seattle Seahawks, so we don’t have much to go on here. The last time these two played each other was in 2010, where the Chiefs beat the Seahawks 42-24. Obviously, both teams are completely different now, so none of that matters.

What we do have, is offensive and defensive rankings. In Points Per Game Allowed, Seattle ranked 1st overall, while Kansas City was 5th in the league. On the other hand, in PPG on offense, the Chiefs were ranked 6th, and Seattle was 9th. Special Teams leans more towards Kansas City (the Chiefs ranked 3rd in kickoff and punt returns, whereas the Seahawks rank 27th).

Seattle’s fantastic secondary would be plenty good enough to shut down the Chief’s mediocre receivers, so Kansas City would have to rely heavily on Charles. In all probability, the Seahawks would beat the Chiefs in a low scoring affair.

Based on the above facts, a Seattle-Kansas City Super Bowl seems like an opportunity for a great match-up. Too bad it isn’t happening this year. But all Chiefs fans will get the chance to see how their team would fare against the NFC Champions, and future League Champions (Seattle comes to KC next season).

And yes, you read right. The Seahawks ARE the eventual 2013 League Champions!