Kansas City Chiefs: Not So Obvious Top 10 Chiefs Of 2013, Part 1

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Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Husain Abdullah (39) Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Husain Abdullah



Husain Abdullah was one of Dorsey’s best free agent pickups last off season. Abdullah had earned a starting spot for the Minnesota Vikings during the 2011 season after playing back up roles in his first two years. Pro Football Focus graded him as a top 25 safety in the NFL after 2011, and the Vikings wanted to give him an extension. Abdullah felt the need to leave football for a year due to a religious obligation, and he found his way onto the Chiefs roster in 2013 on a 1-year deal.

Abdullah wasn’t a full time starter for the Chiefs this year, but he still managed to make the most out of his opportunities when he did see time. He started in 2 games, recording 27 tackles, a 0.5 sack and 3 interceptions, counting the playoff game where he intercepted Andrew Luck twice. He also was the player who intercepted the 4th quarter, Terrel Pryor pass in Arrowhead, in which he took to the house, and helped the crowd reach the decibel record of 137.5.

Though his numbers weren’t stellar, Abdullah made a great contribution to this team, and proved he has potential to be an every game starter in the league if a team makes the offer. For these reasons, he makes the list at number ten.