Breaking Down the Kansas City Chiefs 2014 Schedule


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2014 Opponents (with their 2013 records)

Home Opponents-

Denver (13-3)

San Diego (9-7)

Oakland (4-12)

New England (12-4)

New York Jets (8-8)

St. Louis (7-9)

Seattle (13-3)

Tennessee (7-9)

Away Opponents-

Denver (13-3)

San Diego (9-7)

Oakland (4-12)

Buffalo (6-10)

Miami (8-8)

Arizona (10-6)

San Francisco (12-4)

Pittsburgh (8-8)

AFC West Opponents-

vs. Oakland- This should not be that difficult of a match-up considering the fact that last year we beat the Raiders 24-7 at Arrowhead. This heated rivalry always makes for a good game, and with the projected addition of defensive stud Jadeveon Clowney, the Raiders will put up more of a battle then the last time they came to Kansas City.                                                 Projection: Chiefs 27  Raiders 17

@ Oakland- Our 2013 trip to Oak Town was a offensive shootout, ending with a 56 to 31 victory for the Chiefs. With the Chiefs (hopefully) better defense, and the addition of Jadeveon Clowney and others for the Raiders, I expect the 2014 battle at the Coliseum to be more of a defensive battle.         Projection: Chiefs 28  Raiders 21

vs. Denver- After the 2013 season, Peyton Manning is getting his surgically repaired neck checked on to see how much damage it took during the season. If it took too much, he is most likely going to retire. If not, he 100% plans to continue playing. In 2013 when the Broncos came to Arrowhead, it was a good game where the Chiefs jumped out to a quick lead, and eventually the Broncos came back, beating the Chiefs 35-28.         Projections: (w/ Manning) Chiefs 28  Broncos 31                                                                       (w/out Manning) Chiefs 31  Broncos 17

@ Denver- The game at Mile High never disappoints. Last year the Chiefs lost by ten: 27 to 17. It should be a much better game if we boost our defense.                                                                                                                                         Projections: (w/ Manning) Chiefs 31  Broncos 35                                                                        (w/out Manning) Chiefs 33  Broncos 27

vs. San Diego- Last season, the Chargers came to Arrowhead and won on a last minute game-winning drive, 41-38. Chiefs fans all around the country were highly upset after this happened. The Chiefs, and the fans at Arrowhead, will not let this happen again.                                                                     Projection: Chiefs 42  Chargers 31

@ San Diego- When the Chiefs traveled to Qualcomm Stadium in 2013, it was a meaningless game, causing Coach Reid to play his reserves and rest the starters. Everybody thought the Chargers were going to waltz all over the back-ups, and strut into the playoffs with ease. Boy were they wrong. The Chiefs back-ups took the Chargers into over-time (shouldn’t have happened) where San Diego barely squeaked into the playoffs, beating KC 27-24. In 2014, this game will probably have meaning.                                         Projection: Chiefs 27  Chargers 31

AFC East Opponents-

vs. New England- The Patriots are always a tough match-up with one of the best QB’s as their leader; Tom Brady. They are playing the Broncos in the AFC Championship, with a opportunity to play in the Super Bowl. Should be one of the most difficult home games we play in 2014. But with it being at home, I think we have a slight advantage and make a game-winning drive.   Projection: Chiefs 31  Patriots 28

vs. New York Jets- This team is a mess. Not solid at the QB position, not very good at the RB position, and not a very “well-together” coaching staff. I see this game ending horribly for New York. One of those games that Chiefs fans don’t even want to watch the second half because it’s getting too bad.   Projection: Chiefs 48  Jets 16

@ Miami- The last time we played the Dolphins was in 2011, at Arrowhead. The Chiefs lost 31-3. That game has no effect on the future battle, considering the fact that both teams are completely different. The 2013 Dolphins had some pretty good wins over Cincinnati and New England, and barely missed out on the playoffs. This should be a good one.    Projection: Chiefs 35  Dolphins 31

@ Buffalo- Last season, the Chiefs traveled to New York and beat the Bills 23-13, and that was before our offense started clicking. With Alex Smith having a full year of running the offense under his belt, I believe we will win by an even bigger margin in 2014.                                                                               Projection: Chiefs 35  Bills 16

NFC West Opponents-

vs. Seattle- This is by far the toughest game in the Chiefs 2014 schedule. The number one defensive team, with an offense led by a stud QB in Russell Wilson. 13-3 in 2013. Playing in the NFC Championship at home. The favorite to win the Super Bowl this season. It doesn’t get any more difficult. Projection: Chiefs 24  Seattle 31

@ San Francisco- Traveling to San Fran and playing in the new stadium will be a difficult task. The Niners were 6-2 at home, including a win against the Seattle Seahawks. They are a good team, and I don’t think the Chiefs will be able to earn the “dub” on the road.                                                                                   Projection: Chiefs 28  49ers 35

@ Arizona- The Cardinals were a good team that many believed got snubbed from the playoffs at 10-6 in a highly competitive NFC West. The finished the year with a 6-2 home record, which they will most likely continue next season. But this is my surprise victory game of the season.     Projection: Chiefs 31  Cardinals 30

vs. St. Louis- The Cardinals were a horrid 2-6 on the road in 2013, and most likely won’t improve much for the 2014 season. The Rams have two top-15 picks in the upcoming draft, and are looking to add some key players. They will put up a fight in this In-State Rivalry.                                                                   Projection: Chiefs 32  Rams 21

Other Opponents-

vs. Tennessee- The Titans are an average team, who the Chiefs beat during the 2013 season. When we played them, our offense was still looking to take off, but we still pulled off the win. Should be much easier next year. Especially at Arrowhead.                                                                                                 Projection: Chiefs 31  Titans 18

@ Pittsburgh- The Steelers and the Chiefs have created a heated rivalry over the past couples of years, and I expect the tension to carry on to next season. The Steelers were only 8-8 in 2013, but many think they are much better than what their record shows. The fact that this game is at Heinz Field is what makes it a challenge.                                                                                   Projection: Chiefs 17  Steelers 21

Season Projection: 10-6 or 12-4 (Denver w/out Manning)

Chiefs fans; What do you think?