Fantasy Football: Top 10 Sleepers You Should Target

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Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

3) Jay Cutler, QB, Chicago

If you like to wait on your starting quarterback and don’t get one of the top guys at that position, Cutler is a great player to take in the middle-to-middle-late rounds. If you get a starting quarterback kind of at the end of the top 10 or 12, say like a Phillip Rivers type, you may want to pair him with Cutler and play match-ups. Depending on how the draft unfolds, I like to use this strategy, taking 2 quarterbacks in back-to-back rounds in the 10-14 round range. It has proven to be a sound strategy in the past because their is more depth at quarterback and often times, and decidedly a lack of impact depth at running back and wide receiver positions. He always seems a bit underrated but I would love him as my primary back-up quarterback.