Fantasy Football: Top 10 Sleepers You Should Target

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Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In fantasy football, everyone is always looking for an edge. With so few games making up a season, finding a gem in the draft can propel a team right into the playoffs. Researching possible keepers, taking them late in the draft, and being right can mean a championship and bragging rights.

A sleeper is really just a guess. It may be an educated guess based some past performances, or on opportunity, or on just a gut feeling, but it is still just a guess.. Owners can’t afford to take more than one or two sleepers in any draft. Most sleepers are sleepers for reason – they aren’t established producers. Some won’t end up helping your team much but when you hit on a sleeper, you will enjoy some success.

Some sleepers, on the other hand, are productive veteran players that always seem to last later in the draft than they should, for whatever reasons. Or they might be players some consider too old and they might have been dropped from draft lists. These are players that if you are looking for solid talent for your bench, grab them late because they have a history of producing. Some may be enjoying a late career resurgence, or they may be in a new, more opportunistic situation, and could really help you out as bye coverage.

Here is a list of players who fly under the radar for various reasons that may have the opportunity to really help a fantasy squad win some weeks. Just click “Next” to start the list.