Six Kansas City Royals Are Candidates For The 2014 All-Star Game

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Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Greg Holland (56) Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Voting is winding down for the 2014 All-Star Game and there are no Kansas City Royals anywhere near the top of the fan vote.

While pitchers are not voted on by the fans, several position players should at least be in the running. Unfortunately, they still play in obscurity in Kansas City, and even a recent 10-game winning streak wasn’t enough to thrust them far enough into the national spotlight to garner votes outside of their fan base.

The Royals just aren’t drawing enough fans to stuff the ballot boxes like some other teams. The organization has to be slightly disappointed that attendance hasn’t been higher as they are coming off a rare winning season in 2013, and have their highest payroll in team history this season.

The Royals themselves are at fault here, both on and off the field. They returned home recently just off a 10-game hot streak, and promptly lost 4 games in a row at Kauffman to dampen the fans’ enthusiasm. Also, for some reason, the Royals scheduled two Saturday home games in June in the afternoon instead of the evening.

By looking at Wins Above Replacement, courtesy of, the Royals have several players among the league leaders for that stat at their respective positions.

Regardless, the Royals have several players who should garner consideration for the 2014 All-Star team. This season, it will not be the case that a player has to be picked, but which, and how many players, will be selected for the roster.

By looking at Wins Above Replacement, courtesy of, the Royals have several players among the league leaders for that stat at their respective positions.

Six players should at least make the conversation. Let’s take a closer look at the candidates for the Kansas City Royals.

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  • Bear Brinkman

    Cain and Gordon no, the rest yes.

    • jimfetterolf

      I suggested Cain, he’s the best OF in the game right now and has been hitting above .300 all year.

    • Tyler_KC_Fan

      Why no to Cain? I can understand Gordon because his offensive stats are inconsistent and his defense isn’t enough to surpass those OF who are well balanced.

      Cain on the other hand, one of the best defensive OF and if you had someone on 2nd with two outs, I would want Cain batting for my team. If Cain is batting I would almost assume the runner on second is scoring.

    • Joel Wagler

      Gordon is the best defensive player, at any position, by far, in the majors, according to defensive metrics. He is also the 3rd most valuable player in the big leagues, according to WAR. Why not Gordon. Offense isn’t great but he isn’t Moose either.

      • Tyler_KC_Fan

        According to WAR, Gordon is the 19th best player. Tulowitzki, Stanton, Trout, Donaldson, Tanaka, Lucroy, Wainwright, Bautista, Kinsler, Teheran, King Felix, Buehrle, McCutchen, Seager, Keuchel, Darvish, Heyward, and Goldschmidt are all higher. Non-pitching, Gordon would be 12th best.

        If Gordon could boost his offensive numbers then he would be someone that has a chance at the MVP award, seeing is how in 2011 he finished 21st in the voting. That year he hit over .300, over 20 HRs, nearly 100 RBIs, had a WAR of 7.2 and won his first Gold Glove. If he could replicate that he would be a MVP canadiate and be an All-Star. But hitting .267/.327/.422 is not going to get you to the All-Star Game.

        Plus, the All-Star Game is becoming an overrated popularity contest. Matt Wieters is leading all AL Catchers in voting and he’s out for the year with TJ surgery. Derek Jeter is leading all SS and he’s done terrible all year. Yeah, some players deserve to be in the All-Star game, but the way the fan voting goes is absolutely overrated. Not saying this because no Royals are in the All-Star Game, but because some players that are going to make the All-Star Game (Jeter and Wieters to name two) don’t deserve it. I could care less if any Royals are voted in, because it’s a popularity contest. What I care about are Gold Gloves and playoffs. This year alone; Gordon, Salvy, Hosmer, Escobar, and Cain all deserve Gold Gloves. Those awards mean more in my mind because the aren’t popularity contests. And who doesn’t like playoffs? The Royals have a solid chance this year of making the playoffs this year, too.

  • chief4ever

    Agree about Salvador: stats and the eye test – he is the best catcher in AL right now ( Molina is still there on rep – Salvador takes over all baseball next year ). Go Royals !