Dec 29, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson (28) carries the ball against the Houston Texans during the first half at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Should The Kansas City Chiefs Consider Signing Running Back, Chris Johnson?

The Tennessee Titans are expected to release former pro bowl running back, Chris Johnson and the reports all indicate that he should be released today. Pro Football talk is reporting that Johnson is on his way to Tennessee,rultimately to be released. Here’s some tweets on the news.


So the real question is, should the Chiefs be interested in Chris Johnson? He was set to make $8 million this year, which is why Tennessee didn’t have success with trading him. Johnson (26) is still in the prime of his career but, has seen a steep drop in production since his 2009 season where he earned offensive player of the year. He had a solid season last year, rushing for 1,077 yards and 6 td’s (stats via,  and we all remember his fluke catch and run against the Chiefs.

Which brings up another good point, his ability to make plays out of the backfield, much like Jamaal Charles. Imagine what Andy Reid could do with Jamaal Charles and Chris Johnson in the backfield at the same time. Opposing defenses would have a hard time matching that much speed, instantly turning Kansas City into one of the most explosive offenses in the league. The problem with this dream scenario is what has plagued the Chiefs all free agency period. The money.

As mentioned before, Johnson had a salary number of $8 million this year, another $8 million next year and $7 million in 2016. Johnson is on the record saying he will not take less money but, he’s about to face the harsh reality of life as a running back in the NFL. The market for Johnson will be very small and no one is going to pay him anything close to $8 million a year.

Perhaps the Chiefs could offer Johnson a one year deal that pays him close to $2 million, which is reasonable for a player that has a lot to prove. Realistically, Kansas City won’t have any interest in Johnson because of money, and not wanting to have a crowded back field. Knile Davis made some nice strides down the stretch of last season, proving that he can be effective when Jamaal Charles needs a break.

The Chiefs also won’t be getting into a bidding war for Johnson, as they already proved with DeSean Jackson. A team like St. Louis, or the Raiders (go figure, they have the cash to throw at him) are likely to be the ones most interested in Chris Johnsons talents. Should be interesting to see how this all unfolds over the next week or so.

What are your thoughts on this? Should the Chiefs be considering Chris Johnson as a new weapon on offense and could you see this happening? Or would you say no all together, which is likely to happen with the Chiefs.

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10 Comments on Should The Kansas City Chiefs Consider Signing Running Back, Chris Johnson?

  1. Stacy D. Smith says:

    Nope. He’ll be far too expensive and we already have a pretty good RB2 in Knile Davis.

  2. berttheclock says:

    Look for a bidding war among the Giants, Jets and Cowboys.

  3. unclejesse40 says:

    I think it would be fun with him and Charles in the backfield together, but I don’t think he would sign here for what we would offer.

  4. TAZMOSIS says:

    No way! Considering what the previous responders had to say, the main thing is that Johnson has proven himself to be a pain in the ass. He can be self-promoting and not a team layer.

  5. P Heitman says:


  6. Leigh Oleszczak says:

    Charles and Davis did great last season. Johnson would just be a distraction. I bet he’ll end up with the Cowboys, Giants, or Jets.

  7. Joel Wagler says:

    Would love to see multiple weapons buti just don’t see it happening. Not much of a Chiefs kind of move

  8. John Viril says:

    Too expensive. Don’t see how the benefit will be worth the price. Biggest need is a back end defender—unless Sanders Commings is tearing it up in practices.

  9. Nathaniel Harelson says:

    This would be ridiculously awesome. Charles and Johnson in the same backfield? Are you kidding me? Sure, I like Knile davis for the future, but this would be a tandem no defensive scheme could match up with. Both are extremely fast, both have incredible agility, both can catch the ball out of the back field, and both have great vision. There is nothing to dislike. The only problem is the price. There is no way the Chiefs could swing what it would take to bring in Johnson. Unfortunately, this dream backfield would require extreme changes to other positions, and simply isn’t worth pursuing. Whats the real loss? Jamaal with the ball can do it all!

  10. Aka-Mister Watts says:

    If you signed CJ2K for cheap, I’d take him and Charles in the same backfield. I think it would definitely add an offensive weapon to an offense that needs weapons. Add CJ2K and draft a stud rookie wide reciever (not a bust like baldwin), continue to bring Travis Kelce along, and then the Chiefs will look alot more like a team capable of scoring points with the best of them, and playing against Peyton Manning and the Broncos twice a year, being able to run the ball and clock at will with Charles and spelling him with CJ2k would be huge. I’d definitely do it!

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