Kansas City Chiefs: The Top 5 Biggest Draft "Busts" In Chiefs History

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Dec 22, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson (94) celebrates after a tackle in the first half against the Indianapolis Colts at Arrowhead Stadium. The Colts won 23-7. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL Draft being just 44 days away, talks about what the Kansas City Chiefs should do with their number one pick are heating up. Fans are split, like usual, about what position they should be focused on and trying to avoid the next big “bust” in franchise history.

The term “bust”, in the use of NFL draft picks, is a failure or a flop and the NFL has seen plenty of high draft picks do exactly that through out league history. Just look at the Oakland Raiders and Jamarcus Russel, or San Diego and Ryan Leaf for the best examples. Kinda funny that the two biggest busts in NFL history happened to play for two of the Chiefs biggest rivals. But it’s not just those two teams that have had to deal with a similar situation, our Chiefs included.

Today, I want to take through a countdown of the five biggest bust’s in Kansas City Chiefs history. I think most of you will agree with my list, as you should be able to predict a couple of them from recent drafts. To start the list, simply click “next” below or use the arrow keys on your key board.

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11 Comments on Kansas City Chiefs: The Top 5 Biggest Draft “Busts” In Chiefs History

  1. Michael Lizalde says:

    Yes we should have taken Freeny, but he didn’t play with Sims. That was Julius Peppers.

  2. Bigchief says:

    Todd Blackledge was the one that started the curse in my eyes!

    • Josh Michaels says:

      Hahaha it’s only because he’s the lone drafted first round QB. Doesn’t help that Marino was available either.

  3. freshmeat62 says:

    Terrel Jenkins anybody (I think that was his name)? How about Percy Snow? Come on were you born yesterday? And I can’t think of the guys name right now, a RB that went to the Raiders and played TE. He pretty much sucked w/ the Chiefs.

    And I’ll argue that Blackledge was a good pick. His problem was that he was drafted to a team that had one of, if not the worst o-line that was ever put together. I remember one game, I think it might have been against the Bengals, where he just got the crap beat out of him. Before he could take a 3 step drop, the Bengals d-linemen were into their 4th or 5th step. I think he was shell shocked after a couple of games.

    And I think Tyson Jackson redeemed himself enough this past year to get off the list.

    • Josh Michaels says:

      Excellent comment! I see you on Snow and Kris Wilson. Both would be in my top ten list, but not top 5. And, in my opinion, Tyson Jackson did not play his way outta the top 5 busts. Dude was doomed from the start and should’ve never been the number 3 over all pick.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting!

  4. freshmeat62 says:

    I just went thru the list of Chiefs 1st rd picks, and there is quite a list of failures there. Those we’ve already mentioned (Ethan Horton was the RB I was trying to think of, and it was Trezelle Jenkins not Terrel) but how about Bryan Jozwiak, Paul Palmer, Anthony Hancock, plus 3 or 4 more that I don’t remember if they played or not. Too far back.

  5. jeffromac23 says:

    When I read the headline I said to myself Todd Blackledge has to be number one on the list.

  6. cyberry says:

    Things have certainly changed, When I was growing up ..a BUST meant. High draft pick or had high expectations then couldn’t make it in the NFL, never to be heard from again..Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf.

    Trezelle Jenkins was drafted late (1995) but in the 1st RD,in ..in 3 years.. he started 1 game played in 9
    Brian Jozwiak was the 7th pick of the draft..in 86.. in 3 years he started 3 games..

    Tyson Jackson never lived up to his draft status.. Is it his fault Pioli picked him higher than his “accurate place to be choosen.. Newer fans use the word “BUST” to loosely” .He played in 74 games in 5 years had over 200 tackles. He is considered one of the top run stopping DE’s in the NFL. Derrick Johnson and Justin Houston have both stated with out T. Jax taking up the line, We don’t go to the Pro-Bowl. Most “Bust’s” don’t get a second contract.. Tyson Jackson was drafted by my team and played hard for 5 yrs. I find it disrespectful to label a 5 year Chief a BUST.. Because his stat’s weren’t up your standards..

    This was Irritated me since,,,,”Everybody was yelling ‘ that Poe was a Bust 15 mins after he has picked,,,Were are all the Mouthy armchair..scouts.. Calling him a wasted pick..

    • Josh Michaels says:

      Sorry if I offended you, just my opinion on the matter. Thanks for reading and commenting

      • cyberry says:

        It doesn’t offend, my lil tangent stemmed over from these guy’s on another forum saying we need to trade Flowers and Tamba now or cut them because they make to much.. Then calling Marcus Cooper a Bust.. How can someone..that you didn’t even draft but basically swiped from another team.. be a bust.. No loyalty to the players who have worked hard to turn this Team around,,I guess if rookies struggle their first year..KIck them to the streets..

        If they are reading this.. Quit acting like the players are taking advantage or screwing the fans over because we can’t sign free agents ( that never work out) like the Broncos.. The Chiefs offered them that money..and they all went to the Pro-Bowl so they are obviously are pulling there own weight.. When the Chief’s sucked these players stayed when their contracts where up . When most players would left.. sorry Josh…

  7. Isendoof says:

    he could’ve the answer
    Based on this, it’s confirmed you are a journalistic “bust”.
    Morris had bad knees but it doesn’t make him a bust. He could produce. Busts do not produce.

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