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Kansas City Chiefs Have Options In 2014 NFL Draft

With an 11-5 record, the Kansas City Chiefs own the 23rd overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. There are several different directions the Chiefs can take in the draft.

Several sources, such as Bleacher Report on Monday and Mel Kiper Jr. on Thursday in his second NFL Mock Draft (note: You must be an Insider subscriber to read the full article) predicted the Chiefs will select Kelvin Benjamin, a wide receiver out of Florida State. Benjamin, while a productive player with the Seminoles, is an iffy pick.

Drafting wide receivers late in the first round isn’t always the best strategy. If you remember correctly, the Chiefs took a receiver by the name of Jon Baldwin in the first round in 2011 and that did not pan out well for Kansas City. The Chiefs tend to do okay when it comes to picking up wide receivers in free agency (Donnie Avery for instance).

The Chiefs need a fresh face on defense. Anyone who saw that playoff game against the Colts would probably agree that our defense couldn’t stop a thing and it was painful to watch. There are a few positions on defense the Chiefs could fill such as cornerback, defensive end, and free safety.

Kansas City should lean more towards drafting a cornerback. Brandon Flowers is great, but the Chiefs need someone opposite him that can actually tackle. Dunta Robinson was released yesterday, so that leaves Marcus Cooper as the other cornerback. Cooper will be going into his second year and while he was impressive at times, he also got burned… A LOT (flashback to the Denver game at Arrowhead when Eric Decker ran all over the field).

In other words, Cooper isn’t ready to be a starter. The best idea for the first round pick is to draft someone who can play well opposite Flowers.

As for which cornerback the Chiefs could take, Darqueze Dennard of Michigan State and Justin Gilbert of Oklahoma State are the best cornerbacks in the draft according to CBS Sports. Sadly, it’s doubtful that either of these two will still be available by the time the Chiefs are on the clock.

If neither of the top two corners are on the board, then the Chiefs should go with Stephon Tuitt of Notre Dame. Tuitt is a defensive end and is entering the draft after two years of starting for the Irish. Mel Kiper Jr. had the Chiefs selecting Tuitt in his first NFL Mock Draft (note: You must be an Insider subscriber to read the full article).

While drafting a cornerback would be preferred, any addition to Kansas City’s defense couldn’t hurt. The playoff game against the Colts was a heartbreaker, especially after seeing our defense play so well in the first half of the season.

In order for the Chiefs to be a playoff contender next season, the 23rd overall pick should not be overlooked. The draft is an important aspect for every team and has provided Kansas City with stand out players over the years (Eric Berry, Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, etc).

The Chiefs are a great team, but there are a few positions that could use improvement. Hopefully whoever Kansas City selects with their first round pick will become someone the team can rely on for the next few years. If all goes well in the draft, the Chiefs should be able to make it to the playoffs in 2014.

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  • Michael Tavis

    I like Stanley Jean- Baptiste out of Nebraska. He is projected as a third round pick but he is 6-3 and has a ton of potential. I think the best move even though it may be unpopular is trading Flowers and using Cooper and Smith. I have faith that Cooper can be a very good CB if he has safety help over the top. A lot of times Cooper got burned he actually had good coverage underneath and he knew that he was suppose to have safety help over top but it just never got there. Trade Flowers, sign Jarius Byrd, and draft a WR in the first round and Stanley Jean-Baptiste in the 3rd. That would be my ideal situation.

    • SoCalChiefsFan

      I agree that we need to be looking at Stanley Jean Baptiste, however I don’t think he will be available with our third round pick! If we want a shot at this guy, I think we will probably need to trade back into the second to get him. Maybe if we trade Flowers, we can get a second back (although doubtful), and go get the right guy for Suttons defense!

      That’s my thoughts anyway…..

      • Michael Tavis

        I completely agree. I think by the time the pre draft festivities such as the combine and the pro days are over I think Baptiste will jump up to a mid to late second rounder. I do think trading flowers for a second would be a good idea. Not only would it free up cap there is a ton of value in the 2nd round this year.

    • Jim Harper

      I like your idea. I am in complete agreement about Cooper. Most all of the plays he got beat on he had the underneath coverage and was supposed to have help from Lewis over the top. Cooper will be one of the top corners in the league in a couple of years. Now would be the time to trade Flowers while his value is high. I feel like he is ready to start declining. I also have a good feeling about Commings, but we shall see.

      • Michael Tavis

        I’m still not sure about Commings. Remember he is just a 5th round pick coming off an injury. He definitely has potential but I don’t feel comfortable about him starting or getting any kind of major minutes at the moment.

  • Josh Landers

    I like Clinton Dix, Pryor, tuitt, or Ebron in the 1st. Fs is a huge need and byrd’s price tag will be too hefty. Plus, I think out secondary will be improved this year solely because it’s their second year in the system. Solid wr’s appear to be available later in the draft ie. Martavis Bryant or Brandon Coleman or a few others. Bailey and/or catapano may be able to fill t-jax’s shoes. I really don’t see him being in kc next year. Both played well when given snaps last year. I would love to see a strong 1st round wr but if you remember, the offense started clicking in the 2nd half of the season. Even with bums behind bowe. I think fs should be our #1 priority. GO CHIEFS!!!!

  • andy

    Dorsey is known for picking the best player available. Let’s hope it’s on defense. A dl to take the double teams of poe, a fs our a cb would be great. Third round, see last sentence. I would like us to pick up Malkin. . He will either sign with Philadelphia or US. I hate these mock days already. They mean absolutely nothing at this point.

    • Jim Harper

      His name is Maclin. If you don’t know how to spell a guy’s name then look it up. Then at least you will have the appearance of being intelligent.

      • Andy

        Thanks for pointing out the misspelling. I was using my new s4. Didn’t need to throw an insult.
        If you read my posts, we aren’t too far apart.

        • Jim Harper

          My apologies for the insult. As a retired journalist my two biggest pet peeves are spelling errors which can be corrected with a quick spell check and secondly if you are writing about a person then in order to be credible you MUST get their name right if you want to be taken seriously. Again you have my most sincere apology for the insult.

          • Andy

            Thanks Jim. I have read quite a few of your posts. I can tell you have a journalist background.

      • Michael Tavis

        No need to attack someone because of a typo or spelling error. It happens to the best of us. We are all fans here.

        • Jim Harper

          As you can see above I offered my apology to Andy for the insult. Why you felt the need to get involved is a bit of a mystery to me. I think Andy is more than capable of defending himself. He did and rightfully so, but that had nothing to do with you.

    • Michael Tavis

      I agree that Maclin would be a solid pick up for the Chiefs. He is a great fit for Reids system and would come in and immediately know whats going on. I could see him and Alex Smith really building some chemistry as the year goes on. As far as mocks go I think you may be looking at them wrong. Don’t look at a mock thinking that that is who the team is going to take. I go through the mocks to familiarize myself with the prospects. You can learn a lot from mock drafts and it gets even more fun when you make your own mock. Some people really enjoy it and some people don’t but there will always be a place for mocks.

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  • Racyman

    I think the Chiefs need to go with a defensive player, with their first pick, either a DE or address the secondary. With Kelce hopefully being healthy, to play TE, this season, the signing of Dressler, from Canada and Dorsey and Reid apparently liking A.J Jenkins’ potential, I think the offense is better off than the defense. That was pretty well manifested over the 2nd half of the season and in the Indy, playoff game. I mean the Chiefs put up 44 points without their best offensive player, J. Charles. If the defense is so vulnerable that the loss of either Hali or Houston (even both for a couple of games) turned them from a top 2 or 3 defense to the 28th worse, in a fairly short period of time, then either there needs to more talent/depth, or a scheme change. The Chiefs aren’t going to have the luxury of an easy schedule next season and they are also in a division with 2 other playoff teams. There isn’t much margin for error. I am somewhat optimistic about the team possibly having more depth than realized, based on how the reserves should have beaten the Chargers, in the final game, with San Diego needing to win to make the playoffs and in their home stadium. I’m sure there are guys on the roster who will improve and play a major role next season and i’m confident in Reid and Dorsey in knowing their players, as well as, where the most important needs are. At least, they are established at QB, which puts the team way ahead of where they were to start last season.

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