Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dexter McCluster (22) Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Is Weston Dressler An Upgrade At Receiver For The Kansas City Chiefs



If the Kansas City Chiefs had the chance to sign a free agent wide receiver who averages over 73 receptions a game for his career, nearly 1,100 yards an outing, with 43 career touchdowns in six seasons, how would you feel. What if that receiver was a 5-time All Star.

Meet Weston Dressler.

Dressler is a 5’7″, 179 pound slot receiver for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League, and according to Arrowhead Pride, he is trying out for the Chiefs this week.

The 28-year old receiver attended North Dakota University before becoming a star in Canada. He won the the CFL Rookie of the Year in 2008 and has accumulated 442 career receptions and 6,531 yards in just 6 seasons. His best campaign came in 2012 when he snagged 94 passes for 1,206 yards, and 13 touchdowns.

Weston Dressler is about the same size as Dexter McCluster and only slightly smaller than Wes Welker. He plays a slot position with the Roughriders like McCluster and Welker do in the NFL.

While Dressler isn’t facing the same quality of players in the CFL week in and week out as he would in the NFL, surely he would be a more talented receiver than say, Chad Hall.

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Chad Hall (14) Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs desperately need an upgrade at wide receiver. With the offense that Andy Reid likes to run, a variation of the old West Coast offense, where the passing game is more of an extension of the running game with a lot of short catch and run routes, the slot receivers as very key in how successful the offense will be.

Right now, McCluster is the only true slot receiver on the Chiefs roster who has enjoyed any degree of success in the NFL. Whether Kansas City is looking at Weston Dressler as a replacement for McCluster, or as a supplement, is not not known. He may just be an option the Chiefs are exploring as part of due diligence this off season.

Dressler isn’t allowed to sign, or comment, until after February 15th, when he becomes a free agent.

It is nice to see John Dorsey and Andy Reid thinking outside the box a little bit. Dressler is a star in the CFL. Regardless of the talent of his opposition, he skills sets of speed and quickness, plus the obvious ability to catch the football, should translate well in the NFL. The style of play is different in the CFL, but speed and quickness can’t be taught.

The stats will tell you that Dressler obviously has some football skills. It is up to Dorsey and Reid to decide if those skills will be effective playing in the NFL. Surely Dressler is an upgrade over Chad Hall. Maybe Dressler is a diamond in the rough, and can improve a poor receiving corps.

It is an interesting development and it is encouraging that Dorsey and Reid are not going to overlook any possibilities to improve the Kansas City Chiefs for next season.

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  • berttheclock

    Why not a double slot with two wide outs at times. This could be changed up with a 2 TE set. With the inevitable injuries, an extra speedster in the slot could help. Some CFL fans even believe he is better when placed out wide and can leg out go patterns very well.

    However, Joel, would you consider a piece on the new reserve future pickup of McKnight. Interesting possibilities for him with the Chiefs. One of his past problems had to do with reporting out of shape and ending up fumbling due to not being in prime condition. Look at his 2012 return season with the Jets. If you compare his stats with the return stats for the 2013 season, after he had been cut, you will notice it took a squad of Jets to come close to matching his 2012 season. With the Jets, he was caught up with the Jets not really understanding their need for a running attack. Another aspect of his game is he can become an emergency defensive back, as he played such for two years at a very tough football high school in Louisiana and, even, Rex Ryan has thrown him in on occasion. Some people knocked his time at USC as just waiting for the NFL money, but, if you factor in the fact his family lost their home in Katrina, you might understand why he wanted money.

    With the excellent conditioning staff of the Chiefs, and the fact he will have all of the OTAs to work with the coaches, he could become a real sleeper for the Chiefs.

    • Joel Wagler

      We will consider a closer look at McKnight in the coming weeks. Thanks for you terrific insight.

    • Brian Yarger

      Placing him out wide is a bad move in the NFL at only 5’7 and mediocre speed he won’t break free or be able to win jump balls from even inexperienced safeties or cbs. He has even less viability vs cb1s and 2s as most teams now have 2 6foot1+ guys out there. His only real chance is In the slot or checkdown routs across the back of the d-line where his small size will help him disappear into the fray. His upsides are that hes durable for his size and can cause some interesting mismatch problems depending on where he gets the ball. Hes fast and quick enough to get around linebackers if he gets the chance, but his long play potential is next to none as most safeties and dbs can catch him on the outside.
      If he does end up making the team I’de expect the chiefs to use him the way The pats used Welker the first few years, as an anti blitz mechanism. All it takes is 2 quick tosses on blitzes for 2 first downs and the D will have to change it up in order to not give up easy yards down the middle. Even if he end up only pulling a CB3-4 or OLB into coverage that ensures one of the better receivers isn’t going to be doubled or that Charles is going to have man coverage on him.

  • Andy

    One issue that seems to be totally ignored thus far is the possible years worth of mandatory suspension of Bowe. That might tie up cap space and the need for yet another WR. I think Maclin would be a good fit.

  • Blake Molina

    Why not, sounds like he’s had great success. At least bring him into camp and see how he fares

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