Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams (95) chases Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11). Chiefs beat the Bills 23-13. (Kevin Hoffman, USA TODAY Sports)

A Look at the Kansas City Chiefs' Schedule


Forty-four weeks ago, Andy Reid became the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Thirty-six weeks ago, Alex Smith shifted alliances via trade from San Francisco to Kansas City. Nine weeks ago, you were looking at the Chiefs’ schedule feeling highly optimistic about a 6-10 season. Right now, I am reassuring you that the Chiefs are 9-0.

However, the NFL season consist of sixteen games. Seven more games need to be played before the end of the regular season. These seven games are some of the most difficult on the Chiefs’ schedule, and then arranging them over the final weeks of the season would provide so much pressure on any head coach that his mustache might fall off due to the shear stress.

The Chiefs have only three games left in Arrowhead Stadium: two against division rivals Denver and San Diego, and one against Indianapolis. These teams are arguably the three toughest teams that the Chiefs still have to play. Then there are the road games which consist of trips to the Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders, Denver, and San Diego.

Kansas City has beaten nine consecutive teams. Those nine teams have a combined record of 27-49. That’s a winning percentage of 0.355; those teams lose two thirds of the games they play. Teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars really lowers the combined winning percentage. Just for reference, let’s take out the Jaguar’s record of 0-8. The combined record is now 27-41 (0.397), which still isn’t much better. The first nine teams that the Chiefs played were some of the worst teams in the league.

San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers (17). (Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports)

Now let’s look at the combined record of the teams the Chiefs have yet to play. Using Denver’s and San Diego’s records twice, those five remaining teams are 34-22 (0.607). That’s a veritable death trap. November and December bring a challenge to the Chiefs that they have not experienced yet. I want to be optimistic about the next seven games, but it’s the kind of schedule that gives the fan a sense of anxiety. One where they say, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Of those games, the trip into Denver is, hands down, the hardest. Don’t you dare put a comment saying otherwise. Peyton Manning is on fire. Now this is a downgrade compared to the way he started the season. Manning started 2013 like no other quarterback ever has: his offense scored 343 points in eight games, the most ever for a team after eight weeks. Playing the game at altitude will give the Chiefs even more of a disadvantage. As much as I want the Chiefs to win this game and remain undefeated, I just don’t see it happening. This primetime Sunday night game is the end of the Chiefs’ streak.

The Chargers will put up a fight. Philip Rivers is currently ranked third in QBR, the stat that measure a quarterback’s  overall performance, and owns the highest completion percentage in the league. The Chiefs have a chance to still beat the Chargers. Kansas City possess one of the best passing defenses in the league. Not only does this defense match up well against Rivers but also Manning and Andrew Luck as well.

Then there are two other road games against Washington and Oakland. The Redskins started off the season in a rut but are climbing back out of it week by week. Just this last Sunday, the Redskins beat the Chargers. I’m not a fan of saying one team is better than another. Sure, they might have beat them once, but have them play ten times and the result won’t be the same, but the Redskins did get the win over San Diego. Does this mean that Washington is more of a threat than the Bolts? It’s hard to say, especially since they outcome of that game was so close. What we can determine from that game is that both of those teams are competitive, and the Redskins are playing good football again.

If there is an “easiest” game to which I can point, I might have to say the game in Oakland against the Raiders. How in the world is Oakland’s Black Hole considered the easiest game on the schedule? It was a tough call, but they’re the team with the worst record, and that’s about the only reason why this game is the easiest.

I’m not trying to be gloom and doom. I still expect wins for the Chiefs. But those wins are going to be hard to earn. Maybe I’m being overly pessimistic by thinking a 3-4 record over these seven games is reasonable. I hope to be proven wrong.



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10 Comments on A Look at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Schedule

  1. Blake Molina says:

    I think this defense can really fluster Rivers and we could actually steal the game at Qualcomm from San Diego

    • Ben Nielsen says:

      That’s a more than fair assessment, especially given Rivers’ turnover issues.

      • tm1946 says:

        Unfortunately after 9 games, all wins, there is enough film on our defense. Teams will be attacking with quick passing and praying they do not need to pass in the 4th qtr for a win. I imagine the teams we face will be asking every offensive coach they can find on how to attack “Sutton death”.


    They beat the Chargers in Washington

  3. Tra Tha Chief says:

    Chiefs will beat indy in arrowhead, I believe we can prepare for Denver they have struggled in the last three games to pull away from their opponents for three quarters and they haven’t played a top 5 defense (like the chiefs) all year…. SO if they struggle to pull away from Jacksonville, Washington, and indy, why would it be out of the question for us to beat them? I think the media and this writer is helping to put Denver on a Pedestal…. They rack up a lot of points in the 4th quarter the chiefs strength is locking teams down in the fourth quarter…. The chiefs can sweep Denver it isn’t out of the question. I think we have a better chance beating them coming off our by than we do beating them our own home…. I am more scared of San Diego. They pass the ball quicker from the snap which most teams are trying to do on us now to counter our pass rush and they have a way better defense than the broncos… I believe we beat indy, Washington, san diego once, Denver twice, and the raiders. I think we have a legit shot at finishing the season 14-2 or maybe with a little bit of luck (beating Denver in our home) on our side which we have had 15-1 the best season in franchise history….
    p.s. The broncos have been making more and more mistakes in the last 4 weeks and the chiefs will capitalize with keeping that offense off the field…. we win by 11 points in Denver to stun and shock the world…. chiefs offense scored 4 td’s and the defense/ special team gets one as well we win 35-24 but the chiefs streak of holding opponents under 17 comes to an end….

    • Tra Tha Chief says:

      btw this article does seem a little doom and gloom… 4 losses really in the next 7 weeks that’s terrible… Unless we rest starters, that’s awful, which wont happen with Denver on our tails…. so our wins will only come from the raiders, Washington, and san diego once? Indy is not good and they displayed that with the countless struggles against Houston if gary kubiak didn’t have a mini heart attack on the sidelines they would of stuck with the right play calling to hold on to that lead…. The chargers also beat indy and if they can beat them then we can beat them especially in our own home….

  4. Mike Brennan says:

    People aka chief fans may not like to hear the 3-4 that you predict but if you told them the chiefs would be 12-4 at the end of the season they would have locked you up in the nut house. I see 5-2 being more likely. This team is winning the close ones. 14-2 is how we finish. Call me crazy but we beat the broncos at Denver they beat us in arrowhead, we split the chargers, beat the skins, raiders, and colts. Know I’m going to head back to my padded room! Go CHIEFS!!!

  5. tm1946 says:

    I am so full of koolaide, my eyes are floating. I feel sorry for Denver having to face a Reid coached team after the bye. His record after a bye is unbelievable.

    As for the rest of the season, win the home games, fighting and clawing all the way on the back of our defense and special teams. Stumble and bumble our way thru away games and win what you can.

    We are 9-0, sort of says it all.

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