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2013 NFL Trade Deadline: A Kansas City Chiefs Fan's Wishlist


If the Kansas City Chiefs are going to make a move to improve their offense, today is the day. The 2013 NFL Trade Deadline is at 3 p.m., Central Time, this afternoon.

While the NFL is the least historically active of the four major professional sports leagues on the trade front, there might be a little player movement today. Parity is running rampant in the NFL this season with only 11 teams sporting a winning record. Adding a key piece can be the difference between sprinting into the playoffs, and watching the games on television at home in January.

So, as a Chiefs fan, who am I hoping the Kansas City Chiefs add to the the team today. I have a wish list, and considering the salary cap issues in a lot of the cases, it will remain just that – a wish list.

1 – Tony Gonzalez – Tony G. Call me a sentimentalist but I would love to see Gonzalez wrap up his illustrious as a Chief. The greatest tight end in the history of the game played a bulk of his career in Kansas City, and I have always been a huge fan.

Seldom in sports do you get to watch the best ever at any position, regardless of the sport, on a weekly basis. There is only one best ever at each position, and in most cases, that best is arguable. Not in this instance, Tong G. is the best ever. I would love for him to rejoin the Chiefs, and win a Super Bowl.

Why it won’t happen – Salary cap. Gonzalez’ salary just doesn’t fit without some major creative thinking. Plus, I really don’t think he wants to come back. He’s probably regretting his decision to come back this season but not enough to return to Kansas City.

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2 – Josh GordonGordon is young, talented, fast, big, and inexpensive. He would be a great fit for the Chiefs opposite Dwayne Bowe. As he proved to Chiefs fans this past weekend, Gordon is a heck of a receiver who can go get the ball and make things happen. If this list was made with my brain instead of my heart, Gordon would be at the top of the list. The fact that he is signed through 2015 is a huge plus.

Why it won’t happen - I think the level of interest other teams have shown in Gordon has scared the Browns enough that they may now realize just how valuable a commodity Gordon is. It will take at least a first round pick to get him now.

I don’t care that the Chiefs don’t have a second round draft pick this season; to get an establish player of Gordon’s skill, with an inexpensive salary would be awesome. It is doubtful they could draft anyone this good.

3 – Miles Austin – Sure he is a little bit fragile but he does have some talent. He wouldn’t cost near the price in draft picks that Gordon would but might serve the same purpose, at least in the short term. From 2009-2012, Austin averaged 65 catches and 971 yards a year, with a total of 31 touchdowns. He could really help this team down the stretch.

Why it won’t happen – I don’t think he is really on the market. With Dez Bryant looking like he is about one second away from doing something stupid on the sideline and getting a suspension, the Cowboys are going to need Austin themselves down the stretch.

4 – Larry Fitzgerald – Sorry, I’m seeing candy in a candy store. While it would be fantastic to see Fitzgerald in Chiefs’ red instead of Cardinals’ red for the rest of the season, this is strictly a pipe dream. Fitzgerald is one of my favorite non-Chiefs in the league, so I thought I would throw him out there.

Why it won’t happen – There isn’t salary cap space, and the cost would be too high.

5 – Hakeem Nicks – Nicks is only 25 years old so he should be a good fit here. He would provide another solid, if unspectacular, option for quarterback Alex Smith. Nicks still needs to be paid approximately $1.8 million the rest of the season, which the Chiefs should be able to fit into the cap. He is a productive, young receiver who is probably an upgrade over all but Dwayne Bowe (the pre-2013 non-entity Bowe, that is). He would probably fit in well with the Chiefs offense as well.

Why it won’t happen – Teams seem luke warm on Nicks and there has to be a reason. While I think he is a good fit, John Dorsey and Andy Reid certainly may not agree. He probably wouldn’t cost more than a late middle to late pick, and he does offer skills that this offense needs but I just don’t see it happening.

I would throw one more name out there because this is a wish list – Jared Allen. Don’t be getting excited. This would never, ever happen. The price tag would be way too high, and he would not fit into the salary cap space. Still, it is nice to dream. Wouldn’t it be awesome to throw Jared Allen into a puss rush that includes Justin Houston and Tamba Hali?

It would be surprising if the Chiefs doing anything other than maybe a minor move to fill a hole here or there. That is just the way things are in the NFL with such a restrictive salary cap. It is difficult to add prime talent, especially if they are signed into the future. It would be great if Dorsey could pull off a move that would significantly improve the offense. Just don’t hold your breath.



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