Kansas City Chiefs 2015 NFL Draft: Real Time Reactions


For the Kansas City Chiefs, the 2015 NFL Draft will be very key for the immediate future of the franchise. With ten selctions, and salary cap issues, the KC Chiefs need to hit on a majority of these picks to fill out their roster for the upcoming season.

Thursday, Round 1 – 7 pm, CDT, ESPN, NFL Network

Friday, Rounds 2-3 – 6 pm, CDT, ESPN2, NFL Network

Saturday, Rounds 4-7 – 11 am, CDT, ESPN, NFL Network

Draft night is as exciting as just about any time of the year, outside of the first game of the season. There is a special anticipation that is hard to descrbe.

Fans are full of hope that the Chiefs will hit the jackpot with the selections, not only with their first round pick on day one, but in subsequent picks deeper into the draft. Fans want these players to be successes. They want to cheer them on every Sunday! A sucessful draft means more to cheer about dring the season.

Fans want these players to successes. They want to cheer them on every Sunday! A sucessful draft means more to cheer about dring the season.

Everyone has wish lists for the Chiefs. Some may have more than one wish list. Regardless, just about everyone will have an opinion about each selction, and the Chiefs draft overall.

With the saturation on social media into our sports watching consciousness, seeing real time reation to the Chiefs’ selections has become a fun part of our sports loving experience.

Fans and experts alike take to platforms like Twitter to express their opinions and thoughts almost immediately after anything happens within their sports spheres.

Why? It is fun. It gives fans especially a sense of involvement in the process. It enhances the grand experience of being a fan.

As with all things that serve as outlets for people to express their opinions, Twitter and other similar social media platforms will have a degree of disagreement. Some fans will love the Chiefs’ first pick, while others will wonder what is going on at Arrowhead.

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The experts won’t agree either. Some will think the KC Chiefs should go one direction, and another will have them going a completely different route with their selections. That is the fun of the discussion.

This post will allow everyone to see the Twitter reaction throughout the Kansas City Chiefs fan base. This article will have the live, real time Twitter reactions of Chiefs fans, updated every few seconds.

This feed will also include players, and national experts, as they will comment on the Chiefs’ pick in round one, and all other selections throughout this draft weekend.

The best thing though, is at anytime, you can chime in with your own comments to any post that appears in our feed, as long as you already have a Twitter account.

We have stripped out the minutia from your timeline. These are Chiefs fans, players, and national talking heads on this feed. This allows you to focus on just draft info, to serve as campanion coverage for what you may see on television.

You are encouraged to participate in a respectful manner. Have fun commenting on, liking, or favoriting all comment you see appear on this real time feed. Become part of the commentary.

Tweets from https://twitter.com/KCKingdomFS/lists/chiefs

This feed will be live all weekend. Feel free to participate, or just read the reactions as they come in. Check in throughout the course of the draft, during round one, and all weekend long.

If you don’t want to interject your comments into this feed, please give your reactions to how things are going for the Kansas City Chiefs in the comment section below. This is a full interactive article.

We want to see your reations, and read your opinions.

Join in or just follow the action. Check out some of the great content for the KC Chiefs on our site. There will be commentary and analysis throughout the 2015 NFL Draft right here on KC  Kingdom.

Check in periodically with this article to see the latest reactions to the draft from players, fans, and experts, local and national,  as the draft progresses throughout the weekend.

Have a great time!

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