Kansas City Chiefs: The Top 5 Biggest Draft “Busts” In Chiefs History

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Former Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson (94) – Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL Draft being just 44 days away, talks about what the Kansas City Chiefs should do with their number one pick are heating up. Fans are split, like usual, about what position they should be focused on and trying to avoid the next big “bust” in franchise history.

The term “bust”, in the use of NFL draft picks, is a failure or a flop and the NFL has seen plenty of high draft picks do exactly that through out league history.

Just look at the Oakland Raiders and Jamarcus Russel, or San Diego and Ryan Leaf for the best examples. Kinda funny that the two biggest busts in NFL history happened to play for two of the Chiefs biggest rivals. But it’s not just those two teams that have had to deal with a similar situation, our Chiefs included.

Today, I want to take through a countdown of the five biggest bust’s in Kansas City Chiefs history. I think most of you will agree with my list, as you should be able to predict a couple of them from recent drafts. To start the list, simply click “next” below or use the arrow keys on your key board.

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