Kansas City Chiefs: Avoid Dez Bryant like the plague

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In a not so shocking move, the Dallas Cowboys cut veteran wide receiver Dez Bryant. The Kansas City Chiefs shouldn’t even think about signing him.

Each time a player gets cut or traded in sports, three things happen among fans. The first, fans talk about how dumb the move was. Second, fans try to convince you and themselves their team is better without said player. Third, fans of teams like the Kansas City Chiefs clamor about trying to find a way to get the said player on their team.

In this case, within minutes all three scenarios could be found on the internet. The Dallas Cowboys cut their all-time leader in touchdown receptions, Dez Bryant on Friday afternoon. Fans of the Cowboys seemed to be split on whether they approved or not, but Jerry Jones doesn’t really care, nor should he.

Shortly after the move broke, Chiefs fans started their push to grab Bryant and bring him to Kansas City. Breakdowns of the Chiefs cap situation were plentiful. Future cuts for cap space were being figured. Imaginations were sparked in with ideas of an offense that would include Bryant, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Sammy Watkins, Kareem Hunt and of course, Patrick Mahomes.

Hill even reached out on Twitter, doing his part in the recruitment process.

Respectfully, no. Just, no. Dez Bryant may do nice things for his next team, but his next team doesn’t need to be the Chiefs. From outside of the Cowboys organization, it seems that his play on the field and his attitude off of it played a huge role in this decision. You might be able to have a chip on your shoulder, but you have to perform.

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His attitude is primarily the reason Kansas City should stay as far away from Bryant as possible. Bryant isn’t even 30 years old yet, so he definitely has some years left in him, but his attitude would make Clark Hunt and the organization some of the biggest hypocrites in the NFL.

For no good reason other than his attitude, the Chiefs sent Marcus Peters off for pennies on the dollar. It wouldn’t make a bit of sense to bring the offensive version of Peters to Kansas City. Personally, I am a fan of Peters, but business is business. I for one would like to see smiles on the Kansas City Chiefs sideline. Does Dez ever smile?

How would he react with all the passes that don’t go his way? Kelce is going to get his chunk like always, Hill is forever going to be the Chiefs No.1. Newcomer Sammy Watkins will be targeted as well. Plus, another addition at the receiver spot would hamper the development of projects like Demarcus Robinson and Gehrig Dieter, as well as ruin the comeback attempt of Chris Conley.

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The Chiefs do not need a receiver. They do need some help on the defensive side of the ball, however. It simply would be an irresponsible move that would go against everything Brett Veach and the Kansas City Chiefs have stood for this offseason.