2017 NFL Draft Kansas City Chiefs Scouting Report: Stacy Coley

Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Stacy Coley. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Stacy Coley. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports /

It wouldn’t be surprising for the Kansas City Chiefs to add a wide receiver in this draft. Stacy Coley of Miami could be a solid option for the Chiefs offense.

The Kansas City Chiefs wide receivers did not have a very good 2016 season. The unit struggled for a variety of reasons. The Chiefs have to get better there, and the 2017 NFL Draft offers a number of options. Stacy Coley out of Miami may be one who fits the Chiefs offense very well.

A lot of analysts think the Chiefs will draft a wide receiver early. However, I believe that Kansas City has already identified Tyreek Hill as the man who will  line up opposite of Jeremy Maclin. That limits how strongly John Dorsey will be looking at receivers in the first few rounds.

However, the depth chart at wide receiver could use some competition. The Chiefs have some talented young options with promise, but they need to get more production. Introducing some new talent to the group is a good way to get players to kick it up to the next level. That would help the Kansas City offense out tremendously.

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This isn’t a particularly strong draft class for wide receivers. However, there are some that can be had in the middle rounds with a good deal of potential. John Dorsey has shown a good eye for talent in the middle rounds of the draft. Hopefully that can continue in 2017.

Stacy Coley – WR – Miami

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It never seemed like Stacy Coley played up to his entire potential at Miami. Of course, a hamstring injury in 2015 certainly played a big role in that. However, this is a guy who many thought would be getting early round considerations. Instead, he could end up being a steal later in the draft.

Stacy Coley is a fast receiver who explodes off the line of scrimmage. Quick footed to make defenders miss in the open field. Aggressive in going after the ball and shows strong hand-eye coordination. A smooth runner who never seems to break his stride.

The negative side to Stacy Coley comes from an unpolished skill set. Doesn’t run crisp routes, often rounding his breaks and trusting his speed. Struggles to create leverage against tight coverage and can be forced out of the play. Limited route tree, and the routes he does run all need to be worked on.

The Chiefs like to grab guys late in the draft who have more potential than production. Stacy Coley definitely fits the bill on that. He never lived up to his potential at Miami, but Kansas City may feel they can work with him. With a late round pick, there really isn’t a whole lot of risk to this kind of a move.

The Kansas City Chiefs need to work on churning the depth chart at a number of positions. Wide receiver is definitely among those. However, it is not a spot in need of immediate attention, so the Chiefs have some wiggle room. I do expect to see John Dorsey take at least one receiver on day three of the draft.