2017 NFL Draft Kansas City Chiefs Scouting Report: Montae Nicholson

Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Montae Nicholson. Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Montae Nicholson. Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Chiefs shouldn’t be under any pressure to draft a safety. However, Montae Nicholson of Michigan State could be a good addition.

The safety position is pretty well covered for the Kansas City Chiefs at this point. Eric Berry was signed to a long-term deal. Daniel Sorensen was signed not long after. However, the Chiefs are always in the market for talented players. Montae Nicholson of Michigan State could be a target later in the draft.

Looking at the Chiefs roster, they have things in pretty good shape at safety. Eric Berry and Ron Parker are the starters for the next couple of years. Daniel Sorenson is filling in the important third safety role. They even have the young Eric Murray as a backup and developmental player. There isn’t much room for improvement.

However, there is no rule saying the Chiefs have to limit themselves to four safeties. For that matter, there is no reason why KC can’t bring in some competition, especially for Eric Murray. When you have a roster as strong as the Chiefs do, there is bound to be some excess talent to work with.

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If the right player is available at the right time, there is no reason why position should stop the Chiefs from taking him. Building a strong roster requires talent, not checking the boxes about what position is being drafted. If John Dorsey finds a solid safety in the later rounds, he should feel free to draft him.

Montae Nicholson – S – Michigan State

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There wasn’t a lot to like about Michigan State football in 2016, but Montae Nicholson was a bright spot. The two-sport star stood out in the Spartan secondary for his vicious hits. He was definitely overlooked by many due to so many talented safeties in the BIG conference.

Montae Nicholson brings a  rare combination of size, speed, and power to the field. A big hitter who relishes contact. Shows an understanding of route trees and how to attack them. Aggressive in going after the ball and receiver. Excellent range and closes in fast on his target…often violently.

The biggest negative I see on Montae Nicholson is that he relies too much on his gifts. Looks to hit instead of wrap up the tackle. Relies on his speed and will get sloppy in coverage. Will get indecisive in his coverage assignments, leaving a receiver free to get open.

When I watch Montae Nicholson play football, it makes me think that nobody has coached him. That is concerning because Mark Dantonio is a pretty good coach…so it’s probably the player. However, his natural gifts and talents still make him an intriguing prospect. At the very least, he should have some real promise on Special Teams.

The Kansas City Chiefs have shown that the most important consideration in their draft picks is talent. As long as that is the case, you can’t write off any position. The Chiefs may not be in need of a safety, but that certainly doesn’t mean that John Dorsey won’t take one.