2017 NFL Draft Kansas City Chiefs Scouting Report: Jadar Johnson

Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Jadar Johnson. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Jadar Johnson. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Chiefs don’t have much need for a safety. However a talented player like Jadar Johnson of Clemson could catch John Dorsey’s eye.

After locking up both Eric Berry and Daniel Sorensen long-term, it’s hard to see the Kansas City Chiefs going after a safety in the NFL Draft. However, the Chiefs have made picks in the past that defied conventional logic. Jadar Johnson from Clemson could be a good enough prospect to get John Dorsey to do that again.

The Chiefs get heavy use out of their safeties, so it is important to have talented ones. Eric Berry is arguably the best safety in the NFL. Lining up next to him at free safety, Ron Parker has emerged as one of the better players at his spot as well. Meanwhile, Daniel Sorensen has become a valuable piece as the third safety.

The Chiefs don’t have a ton of depth at this position, but that is not strange. Most teams only carry four safeties on the roster. However, with as much as Kansas City uses their deep secondary, it could make sense to carry more players there.

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The Kansas City Chiefs never back away from taking talented players, regardless of the position. Safeties play an important role for the Chiefs, and being deep at the position makes a lot of sense. If the right player is available at the right time, do not be surprised if John Dorsey adds another safety to the roster.

Jadar Johnson – S – Clemson

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Over the past couple of years Clemson has been churning out talented safeties, and Jadar Johnson might be the best yet. The playmaker led the Tigers in interceptions while en route to All-ACC honors this past year. That, and a National Championship, was a nice cap on a solid career for the safety.

Jadar Johnson has the ideal build for an NFL safety. Excellent athlete who uses his ability to close quickly on the ball. Has good leaping ability to get up after the ball. Aggressive and effective in going after the football, but doesn’t get caught with pass interference. A very instinctive player who also shows good understanding of the game.

The biggest negative I have on Jadar Johnson is his lack of long speed. Can get lazy with his tackling technique. He shows some questionable effort at time, waiting on others to make the tackle instead of leading the charge. I have some concern about his attitude towards contact.

Jadar Johnson will be available in the middle rounds of this draft because he doesn’t fit either the free or strong safety positions. He’s a talented football player, but I’m not sure about his love for the game. I wish I had seen more drive and ferocity out of him. The fact that he only played one season as a starter isn’t a big deal, but does leave me wanting to see more.

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There is always a chance that the Kansas City Chiefs are going to do something unexpected in the NFL Draft. While the Chiefs don’t seem to be in need of a safety, that doesn’t mean they won’t go after one. As I said before, if the right player is there at the right time, John Dorsey will take him.