2017 NFL Draft Kansas City Chiefs Scouting Report: Cam Robinson

2017 NFL Daft prospect Cam Robinson. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
2017 NFL Daft prospect Cam Robinson. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Chiefs may not be in need of an offensive tackle, but Cam Robinson might be good enough to make them think twice.

Understandably, most people aren’t talking about the Kansas City Chiefs taking an offensive tackle in the upcoming NFL Draft. The Chiefs solidified their tackles last season by signing Mitchell Schwartz and extending Eric Fisher. However, if the team feels Cam Robinson is the best player on the board, they may still take him.

The Chiefs will likely be considering options for the depth chart at tackle. However, this draft class is not considered a good one for getting an offensive tackle. That means if John Dorsey and his staff are looking to get a tackle, they may have to draft one fairly early.

Kansas City’s roster is strong enough that they can take some risks. That means no position is necessarily crossed off the list. The Chiefs will likely be in a position where they are drafting primarily for talent, rather than positional fit or need.

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While the Chiefs shouldn’t be in the market for an offensive tackle, a talented enough player might make them reconsider. There are always other options when you have an excess of talent. If John Dorsey feels a certain guy can upgrade the offensive line, Kansas City could definitely make the investment.

Cam Robinson – OT – Alabama

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There are some players who just seem to be a lock for the first round. Cam Robinson fits that billing as he’s been considered a top offensive tackle every year of his career. Many analysts consider him to be the most pro-ready tackle in this draft class, if not the best prospect at the position overall.

Cam Robinson fits the physical mold of a prototype left tackle. Has the strength to anchor against pass rushers and generate push in the run game. Robinson’s footwork is excellent and allows him to keep in front of the defender. Excellent use of his hands to keep pass rushers off balance. He plays with a mean streak and goes full tilt on every play.

On the negative side for Cam Robinson, he can struggle with speed rusher who get upfield in a hurry. He will lose his balance at times, often due to being too aggressive. Robinson can get tunnel vision when blocking and is suspect against twists and stunts.

Cam Robinson would be more than a luxury pick for the Kansas City Chiefs. With the investments John Dorsey has made in the offensive line, Robinson would be a burden unless there was a corresponding move. Ultimately, I don’t see this move happening, but you can never be sure what Dorsey has up his sleeve.

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The Kansas City Chiefs are in a great position for the 2017 NFL Draft. There are no immediate needs on the roster, and this class is loaded with talent. The Chiefs should be able to come out of this draft with an excellent addition to the roster.