2017 NFL Draft Kansas City Chiefs Scouting Report: Jarron Jones

Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Jarron Jones. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Jarron Jones. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports /

Despite signing Bennie Logan, the Kansas City Chiefs still need a long-term plan at defensive tackle. Jarron Jones of Notre Dame is a good candidate.

When the Kansas City Chiefs decided to let Dontari Poe leave, it was clear they would be looking for a defensive tackle. The team signed veteran big man Bennie Logan in the offseason, but it was only a one-year deal. KC will have to find a long-term option in the draft. That long-term option could be Notre Dame’s Jarron Jones.

Despite the addition of Bennie Logan, one area the Chiefs will still need to find some help is in a tackle that can rush the passer. Logan is a great run-stuffer, but does not excel at getting in the backfield. Whatever options KC is looking at for the future, pass rushing will certainly be a consideration.

There is also the question of versatility. While the Chiefs do play a base 3-4, they are rarely in that exact formation. In today’s NFL, defenses will often have to line up in a Nickel or Dime formation to combat multiple receiver looks. One way the Chiefs have started to address that is by lining their defensive line up in a variety of positions.

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While Bennie Logan is an excellent player to have for a short-term answer, his one-year contract gives the Chiefs no long-term security. It actually surprises me that more analysts don’t put defensive tackle higher on the list of KC’s needs. It really seems pretty obvious to me.

Jarron Jones – DT – Notre Dame

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If you’re looking for a physically imposing individual to play defensive line, Jarron Jones should be an instant favorite. At 6’6 and 316 lbs, the former basketball player does things that men his size shouldn’t be able to do. He would probably be a top tier prospect if it weren’t for injuries.

Jarron Jones checks all the boxes in terms of measurements. Has the natural size and length to be a constant disruption on the line. Shows tremendous quickness for his size, and is explosive out of his stance. Has the versatility to line up all over a 3-4 front. Good lateral quickness and change of direction to keep blocker off balance.

There are some major injury concerns with Jarron Jones as he had two years shortened. There have also been some concerns about him being lazy. A poor showing in the workouts at the Combine didn’t help that. Still a very raw player in terms of technique with his hand placement. While he has good size, he is top heavy and struggles to gain leverage.

The work ethic and injury questions are enough to make Jarron Jones a likely day three pick. In those middle rounds, teams will be more willing to take a risk. However, in terms of potential, Jones is a quality prospect. He especially fits in a 3-4 defense like the Chiefs. Given a year to develop and get better lower body strength, he could be a force.

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The Kansas City Chiefs need to find some defensive tackle help for the future. Adding a physically dominant player like Jarron Jones could be the answer, or at least part of it. If KC can develop a guy like Jones to his full potential, he could be a force in the NFL.