Kansas City Chiefs: Jimmy Garoppolo is Not the Answer

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback target Jimmy Garoppolo. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback target Jimmy Garoppolo. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Chiefs might be in the market for a new quarterback this offseason and some have gone as far to say that they should trade for New England Patriots backup Jimmy Garoppolo. That is just stupid.

When it comes to the quarterback position, KC Chiefs fans are always going to wonder what else is out there. This is the case with most fan bases, but the quarterback position is a highly scrutinized one in Kansas City, and Alex Smith has been under fire since he arrived to town four years ago.

Earlier this week, I got a little angry with the Tony Romo trade rumors circulating out there in Chiefs land, but there’s been another stupid rumor floating out there too.

That stupid rumor consists of the Kansas City Chiefs trading for New England’s backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Yeah, no. Just no.

First of all, the Chiefs did this same dance eight years ago when they traded a high draft pick to the Patriots for Matt Cassel. Cassel was another Patriots backup, who garnered a lot of attention during the offseason.

The Chiefs fell for that trick, and it blew up in their faces. Later on, the Texans would fall for the same trick when they traded for Ryan Mallett, another Patriots backup.

Along with all of that, Garoppolo has only started two games in his three-year career. He would have had two more starts before Tom Brady returned from suspension, but was injured in the second game. That’s not a great look for him either, as a team isn’t going to want to trade for a young guy who has already been injured and missed time.

Where did all of this Jimmy Garoppolo to the Chiefs crap stem from, you ask? Well, Colin Cowherd brought it up the day after the KC Chiefs were knocked out of the postseason.

Why should the Kansas City Chiefs give up “whatever it takes” for Garoppolo? He’s a backup for another team and we’ve seen very little of him.

Why do all of that when the team could draft a guy, let him sit behind Alex Smith, and then hand him the reigns in 2018? That’s the way that all good NFL teams succeed these days, and that’s what the Chiefs have to do.

Cowherd’s theory got funnier though.

Okay, so Cowherd suggests that the team trade their biggest stars for a quarterback who is unproven as a starter? Yeah, okay, buddy. Not gonna happen.

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I understand that people aren’t crazy about Smith, but come on. Tony Romo and Jimmy Garoppolo aren’t the answers at quarterback.

If the Chiefs want to find a franchise starter, they’ll have to do so by the means of the draft. Take a quarterback in an early round, groom him while Smith is still in town, and then hand him the keys to the car when the time is right. That’s the only answer there is, and I’m tired of hearing about all of these other quarterback theories.

No, the Chiefs are not going to trade for Romo. No, the Chiefs are not going to trade Travis Kelce and their other big time stars for Jimmy Garoppolo, who has started a whopping two games.

At least in the case of trading for Matt Cassel, he had started all but one game in 2008 and led the Patriots to a 10-5 record.

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The Kansas City Chiefs are not going to make the same mistake that they did with Matt Cassel by trading a lot for a New England Patriots backup quarterback.

What do you think of this crazy Jimmy Garoppolo to Kansas City talk?