KC Chiefs: Quarterback Situation Better With Nick Foles


The KC Chiefs have a new backup quarterback in town and one that surely isn’t going to take Alex Smith’s job.

The Kansas City Chiefs filled a hole on the roster when they brought Nick Foles in from free agency. Foles asked to be released from the Los Angeles Rams when it was announced that they’d be going with first overall pick Jared Goff and Case Keenum.

Foles then chose to sign with the Chiefs so that he could be reunited with his former head coach Andy Reid. Reid drafted Foles in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft and only coached the Arizona alum for that one season before being fired and joining Kansas City.

While I wasn’t originally a fan of Foles joining the long list of quarterbacks with the Chiefs, I came around on the signing due to the fact that a backup quarterback was needed in this town.

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Sure, Tyler Bray obviously has something that the team can’t give up on, and Aaron Murray was a stud at Georgia, but neither guy has taken a single regular season snap, and that’s a scary thought should Alex Smith go down for a period of time.

Before Foles signed with the team, Pro Football Focus ranked the Chiefs 19th in terms of the NFL quarterback situations going into this year.

The article was posted on Wednesday by Sam Munson of Pro Football Focus and he put a disclaimer that the piece was written before Ryan Fitzpatrick re-signed with the Jets.

It’s also obvious that this piece is already outdated, as Munson listed Aaron Murray as the Chiefs’ likely backup in 2016. Here was his reasoning for the team being ranked 19th.

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"There may be no more game-managing QB in the league than Alex Smith. This is often thrown at players as a derogatory term, but in reality, if you have that kind of consistent ceiling and floor, you can at least plan and build around that, and the Chiefs have been able to win a lot of games that way. Last season, Smith had two very bad games—one against the league’s best defense, Denver—but was otherwise consistently above-average almost every single week. He also made better use of his athleticism than he had in the past, with 435 rushing yards coming on scrambles, at 7.6 yards per scramble."

I feel like now that Foles is the backup would at least bump the Chiefs up to the top 15. The teams directly ahead of Kansas City are Minnesota, Washington, and Jacksonville, and I definitely think the Chiefs have them beat in terms of a solid starter and backup.

Munson didn’t mention anything about Murray in his blurb, so that might relay some doubt that he’s sold on Murray being the second string (especially now).

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It’s surprising that the KC Chiefs have decided to keep all five quarterbacks on their roster, but something will have to happen soon. All that we know is that the Chiefs have Nick Foles to back up Smith, and that is indeed Alex Smith’s team and will be barring any injuries or benching.

What do you think, Chiefs Kingdom? Is the quarterback situation in Kansas City much brighter with Foles in town now?