Royals Rumors: Trading Eric Hosmer Not An Option

Eric Hosmer - Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
Eric Hosmer - Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports /

On Wednesday, the Kansas City Royals got blown out by the Cleveland Indians on their own turf, and it sent Royals nation into a wave of panic. One of the crazy Royals rumors tossed around was possibly trading Eric Hosmer.

The Royals have been playing .500 baseball practically all season, and fell back to the .500 mark again after getting destroyed by the Indians on Wednesday.

It was an embarrassing loss, but it was even more embarrassing to see what KC Royals fans were suggesting the team do. The craziest idea thrown out there was that the Royals should see what they could get in exchange for Eric Hosmer.

Now I have been an advocate of the Royals selling at the deadline (or at least standing pat – Doesn’t make sense to buy when this team just doesn’t seem motivated), but trading Hosmer is one of the stupidest Royals rumors I’ve ever heard.

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For one, the team still has Hosmer under contract next season as well. This would be a different story if Hosmer were going to be a free agent at season’s end, but that’s not the case.

Second, the Royals still have the pieces to contend in 2017. In fact, assuming everyone hitting free agency that offseason doesn’t re-sign, that’s likely the last year of the Royals’ window. Why would they trade Hosmer away now when there’s still a chance at another World Series title in 2017?

I don’t think that the Kansas City Royals are playoff contenders this season, but once everyone is healthy, next season should be a continuation of 2015. It’ll be the team we hoped to see this year.

When I say I’m an advocate of selling, I don’t mean sell the team’s best player (or one of their best players). The Royals should try selling guys like Luke Hochevar or Edinson Volquez for minor league prospects/guys who can help them win in the coming years.

Hochevar and Volquez are both at the end of their deals (Kendrys Morales is in that boat too, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Kansas City tried to bring him back next season) and it wouldn’t be too crazy to ship them off.

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The only area that the Royals absolutely must address soonish would be their starting rotation, but none of the guys on the market are really worth trading anyone for. This could be something that the Royals choose to go after in free agency, according to Corinne Landrey of FanGraphs.

"As you may have heard, though, the starting-pitching market will be exceptionally weak this winter. As a result, the Royals should be in the market right now for starting pitchers with multiple years of team control remaining."

So, yes, while the Royals have areas they need to upgrade at (namely the rotation), they’re not going to trade away Eric Hosmer to do it. Hosmer still has a year left with the team and he can help them get back into the playoffs in 2017.

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What do you think, Royals fans? Were you one of the people suggesting the Kansas City Royals sell Eric Hosmer?