Kansas City Royals: Outfield Situation Looking Good


The Kansas City Royals used to have a huge gap in the outfield, but lately, the outfield has been one of the most promising areas on the team.

The Royals recently brought back Alex Gordon, who was on the disabled list for nearly two months. With that move, the team had to send Brett Eibner back down to Triple-A Omaha.

The move might have upset people due to Eibner’s ability to hit in the clutch, but it was a good move by the Royals organization. This shows how good of a spot the Kansas City Royals are in when it comes to the outfield.

Right now, the team has Alex Gordon, Lorenzo Cain, and Paulo Orlando as the starters in the outfield. Jarrod Dyson is also someone who can play anywhere in the outfield, and he’s the team’s predominant speedster.

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Whit Merrifield can also play any outfield position, meaning the Royals technically have five outfielders on their roster. Eibner would have made it six.

Eibner was the right choice for several reasons:

  1. He came up because of Gordon’s injury, so it only made sense to put him back down in the minors when Gordon came back
  2. The only other options to send to Omaha are Dyson and Orlando. Orlando going back wasn’t going to happen because the guy is batting .359 as of June 27th. Dyson is the team’s go-to guy if a rally needs to happen late in games. Eibner doesn’t have that experience.
  3. With the way the starters have been struggling lately, there’s no way the team could afford to send an arm back to Omaha to keep a sixth outfielder on the roster.

This is a good thing for the Royals.

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It shows that for once the team has a good situation going for them in the outfield. When was the last time that the Kansas City Royals were able to say that?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the likes of Nori Aoki and Alex Rios manning right field, and now Paulo Orlando looks like he’s settled into that right field spot quite nicely. His bat has been a consistently bright spot in the lineup and his defense isn’t too shabby.

While Eibner was fun to watch, he’ll get his shot again. For now, he can continue to work on his hitting and his defense in the minors and wait for his call-up in September (if not sooner).

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What are your thoughts on the team’s outfield situation? Do you think sending Brett Eibner back to Omaha was the right move?