KU Basketball: Frank Mason Dons Black Jersey On Instagram

KU basketball must now seriously consider wearing black jerseys at some point after Frank Mason III posted this awesome photo on Instagram.

KU basketball has certainly benefit from the talent Frank Mason III on the court.

Off the court, KU basketball could eventually see a boost in style points as a result of Mason’s social media savvy.

Mason’s tweets and posts often feature a wide array of cool photo-shopped pictures are unrealistic.

On May 5th, Mason tweeted out this photo that could have real life implications for KU basketball.

For those who have not seen this photo, I must warn that from this point forward life will be split into before and after black KU basketball jerseys.

Here is the link to the post in question, which features the caption “The Dark Knight Rises…” with a Jayhawk in place of a bat symbol.

Doesn’t that black jersey look pretty awesome?

Black KU basketball jerseys need to happen, that much is clear.

Is such a thing possible or likely, though?

Currently, KU basketball uniforms are made by Adidas from now until 2019.

This past February, Adidas unveiled alternate KU basketball jerseys for games against Baylor and Texas Tech.

Plus, after Louisville, another one of Adidas’ college basketball clients, experienced major public relations woes this past year, it would behoove Adidas to closely associate themselves with KU basketball.

The best way to do that is to showcase new Adidas gear in every game with substantial viewership.

I see one such game next season that fits this description and would be an awesome game to introduce black KU basketball jerseys, in my opinion.

This game would be in the State Farm Champions Classic this November where KU basketball will face off against the Duke Blue Devils.

If any players get superstitious about introducing new jerseys in such an important game, KU basketball could always wait for a game against a lesser Big 12 opponent.

Either way, keep up the good work on social media Frank Mason!

What do you think of black KU basketball jerseys? Do you think black KU basketball jerseys are possible?


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