Kansas Jayhawks: Cliff Alexander Undrafted


Cliff Alexander never heard his name called.

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While there was controversy surrounding his name, it was thought that Alexander was certainly a second-round pick, and if he was lucky would find himself chosen in the late first round of the 2015 NBA Draft.

Instead, an investigation into possible impermissible benefits obtained by his mother, as well as a dip in play toward the end of the season, were enough to keep every team from adding Alexander to their rosters.

While this has to be devastating for Alexander and his family, it certainly doesn’t mean it’s the end of basketball for the former top-five high school power forward, as Scott Chasen of the University Daily Kansan reminded his followers.

Black, the former Jayhawk who was not expected to be drafted, ended up signing a free agent contract this past year, and averaged six points and six rebounds for the Lakers and Rockets his rookie season.

ESPN commentator Jay Bilas said during the broadcast he was surprised Alexander did not hear his name called, but mentioned the fact that Cliff “kind of bad-mouthed Kansas” during pre-draft workouts. He wondered if that turned off teams who were thinking about taking him.

Whatever the reason doesn’t matter right now. Alexander must focus on trying to go the same route as Black, or look at his options overseas.

While playing in another country is certainly an option, one would have to think Alexander will look at his NBA free agent options first.

It’s possible he was on the phone with a team right after the draft, working out a contract. He also may have heard from his agent that certain teams are interested in him, and he will try to work his way on to one of those teams.

In the end he may be able to play this to his advantage, hitting the court with a chip on his shoulder. However, it’s a huge fall from grace for a guy who was ranked ahead of the No. 1 (Karl-Anthony Towns) and No. 2 (D’Angelo Russell) picks in this year’s draft.

Once a player gets to the NBA, their college recruiting story and where they were taken in the draft mean nothing. The problem for Alexander is that he isn’t going to have an easy road getting there.

We’re going to bet that he gets at least a workout with an NBA team, but trying to predict anything at this point would be foolish.

Check back with KC Kingdom for updates on Alexander’s status.

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