KC Royals: Recent Struggles Drop Royals In Power Rankings


The KC Royals have seen their fair share of struggles in the past two weeks, and as a result have dropped three spots on Fansided.com’s recent power rankings. The Royals’ offense has gone missing and it’s resulted in the team only winning two games in the past week.

Kyle Franzoni of Fansided.com writes up the rankings this week and had this to say about the Kansas City Royals,

"Like every team before them, the Royals fell victim to our rankings curse and dropped out of the top spot after going 4-6 over their last 10. There is still a lot to like about the Royals, but if there is a contender that should find a rotation upgrade, Kansas City is that team because the trio of Jason Vargas, Danny Duffy, and Jeremy Guthrie just aren’t getting the job done."

Franzoni makes good points obviously, as the Royals haven’t been playing well. All teams go through slumps though, and the Royals have just hit their first one in the past few weeks. After getting swept by the Yankees and not being able to come away with a series victory at Wrigley against the Cubs, things were bleak for a bit.

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The offense’s bats disappeared and the starting pitching, while not terrible, experienced a historically bad start from one Jeremy Guthrie in New York on Memorial Day. I won’t go into detail on that since I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about it, but it was the start of a slump for sure.

This Royals team is good though and I fully expect them to bounce back, but man it’s been rough lately. Wade Davis gave up ONE run the other night against Cleveland. ONE RUN! The nerve of that guy!

You couldn’t expect Davis to maintain his 0.00 ERA all season long or for the Chris Young magic to continue, could you? Baseball is a crazy sport where good teams slump and are still considered good teams. The KC Royals are considered the fourth best team in baseball in early June and that’s pretty dang impressive.

On a depressing note though, the Minnesota Twins are ranked third on this list and have definitely proved everyone wrong after a dreadful start to their season.

Just shows anything can happen in the crazy sport of baseball.

Coming up next for the Kansas City Royals is a three-game home stand against the Texas Rangers and then a road trip against the Twins and Cardinals in their respective cities.

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