KC Royals: Suspensions Of Four Royals Unfair


The MLB league office handed down suspensions Saturday morning to four KC Royals, and two White Sox players, for Thursday’s ugly brawl.

The punishments simply don’t make sense.

KC Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura is suspended for seven games, Edinson Volquez  five games, and Lorenzo Cain and Kelvin Herrera two each.

Meanwhile, Chicago White Sox pitchers Chris Sale and Jeff Samardzija were suspended for five games each.

Adam Eaton, who started the whole mess by yelling at Yordano Ventura, was not punished.

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Are you kidding me? Why are the Kansas City Royals taking more blame than the White Sox?

Major-league baseball’s new commissioner Rob Manfred seems like he’s making his decisions by listening to fan opinions on Twitter, and watching the game on WGN, rather than anything that actually happened on the field.

Yeah, White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson might have forgotten to show that Adam Eaton yelled at Yordano Ventura before the KC Royals youngster blew up. But, pretty much everyone else saw Eaton jawing at Ventura.

You can see MLB Now discussing the incident below, and blaming the Royals for not understanding how to play the game:

Is the MLB league office punishing Ventura for looking at Eaton, following CBSSports.com writer David Brown’s take on the incident ?

While Adam Eaton did an admirable job after the game of cooling things down by proclaiming his respect for the Kansas City Royals in his post-game comments, that doesn’t make him Snow White.

And, what the heck did Kelvin Herrera do? It’s hard to see anything that Herrera did on the video:

Did Rob Manfred buy into San Francisco Chronicle reporter Susan Slusser’s “risking his life” hyperbole and say, “Gosh, we should have suspended Kelvin Herrera for more than five games, Let’s tack them on now.”

Or maybe Manfred bought into Oakland A’s crybaby Brett Lawrie‘s eternal whining.

None of that even explains why KC Royals starter Yordano Ventura got seven games for yelling, “F— You”. That punishment makes no sense when you consider that Jeff Samardzija got only five games for turning the typical pushy-pushy into a true brawl by tackling KC Royals coach Mike Jirschele.

Even worse than Samardzija, was Chicago starter Chris Sale who reportedly tried to crash the Kansas City Royals clubhouse after the incident in order to pick a fight with Yordano Ventura.

Yet Sale gets punished less than Ventura?

Apparently, Rob Manfred was never told the old saw about “sticks and stones”. Does Manfred think MLB players are so sensitive that an F-bomb from Ventura compelled Samardzija to tackle a middle-aged coach?

I guess the Kansas City Royals are now officially the Evil Empire of Baseball.

The league office says so.

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