United States vs Germany: The Most Important US World Cup Match In History

There probably has never been a bigger soccer match ever in this country than the United States vs Germany on Thursday afternoon.

Before the game against Portugal, I was telling all my friends that the match was arguably the most important match the United States had played at any World Cup. The United States had just come off an impressive win against Ghana, and the Yanks had a chance to advance to the knockout stage with a win against Portugal. By now I’m sure you know how that game ended.

With the Germans looming in just a few hours, the title of “most important World Cup match” has been transferred. And if the United States advances out of Group G, each subsequent match in the knockout stage will be the “most important World Cup match” for the United States.

Something interesting happened on Sunday night against Portugal. The United States played a proper game of soccer. It wasn’t a scrappy performance from the United States that we were used to in the past at the World Cup.

The United States created chances, they were inventive, they were pressing against Portugal, and they held their own against the European opposition. The United States came out and showed the rest of the world that we can play soccer, and we can play it well.

But while it is nice to show the rest of the world that, even more important is the United States Men’s National Team has shown the citizens of the United States that they can play soccer, and play it well. That is why each subsequent match that the United States plays in for the rest of this amazing tournament will be the most important.

The support for the United States has been incredible, both at home and in Brazil. All of the fans that have packed into bars, parks, and stadiums to watch with people they will be best friends with for the next 90 minutes, you’ve shown not just this current roster, but all future United States players that there are people that care about soccer in this country, and in impressive numbers.

Each subsequent match is the most important because I do believe that the United States will get out of Group G, and they will make an impressive run in this tournament. All the talk before the World Cup finals began was “the United States will have a tough time getting out of the group.”

On the flip side of that, the other three teams were in the same group as the United States. A team that is young, talented, and full of confidence. Those are three traits that you do not want to face in an opponent.

Before this tournament started, many soccer “experts” truly believed that the United States would not win a single point in the group stage, and would be sent home after two games. After two games, the United States sits in second place of Group G, with a very good chance to go through to the knockout stage.

A few weeks before the World Cup started, I sent out a tweet that said I was optimistic about the United States chances in the World Cup. I predicted a run to the quarterfinals, and after that, who knows what will happen.

There is one thing I do know: this team is going to come out today and play the game that Jürgen Klinsmann said he would implement when he took over as manager. They will play attractive, attacking soccer. The team showed that they can play that way against Portugal, and I have all the confidence in the world that they can do it against Germany.

Compared to many other soccer fans in the United States, I’m a newcomer to the sport. I started with the 2006 World Cup, and I’ve been a diehard supporter ever since.

But I am confident when I say this the best team the United States has ever sent to the World Cup, and they have already proven in the first two games why they deserve to be at the finals. Now it is time to prove why they deserve to make it deep in this tournament.

Whatever happens today, I am incredibly proud of this team. Get ready; it is going to be a crazy 90 minutes. I’ll see you on the other side.